5 Back to School Tips with Food Allergies

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Ghlonghair says:

Awesome information….i struggle with skin allergies…

Aria Styles says:

Great tips! I have psoriasis so I need to try to stay away from gluten. I know how much of a pain it can be to have to read ingredients in everything you buy. I will definitely need to share this video. Thanks 🙂

chibichichio says:

LOL all your side comments!

Jess rey says:

Thanks for these tips…we have to get adjusted to some of these…my son has food allergies and NO one else in our family has food allergies, so it is heartbreaking to some degree.

Watch Me ADHD says:

My kid is allergic to food dye it's tricky because it's not one that schools accommodate very Halloween valentines and Easter all SUCK

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