7 Common Mistakes You Make While Bathing Your Dog

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7 Common Mistakes You Make While Bathing Your Dog

For most of us, taking a shower or bath is often a calming experience. For our pets, however, the bathroom can be anything but relaxing. Between water, noise, confinement, scrubbing and foam, it is no wonder why your cat or dog may sprint in the other direction of the bathtub.

Incorrect Water temperature.

So how do you know the right temperature? Spray the mouthpiece on your forearm first, as you would if you gave a baby a bath. The skin area is more sensitive to temperature than your hands.

Rough sprayer

The easiest way to bathe your cat or dog is with a handheld showerhead or faucet tip in a tub or sink (if you have one, there is no need to fill the tub or sink with water when you bathe your Pet), but the sound of strong running water combined with water pressure can scare and annoy your pet.

Instead of spraying the water directly on your skin, try to keep your pet calm by letting the water hit the back of the hand first while.

Incorrect shampoo selection.

Do not automatically take your own shampoo, even if it is a “totally natural” solution or a soft baby shampoo. “The skin of a pet has a pH balance different from that of humans.”

Poor application of soap.

Activate the soap in your dog’s hair with your hands and fingers for four minutes. Start with your pet’s legs and advance to your face (the most sensitive area). Wipe your face with a cotton ball or wipe and be careful to avoid your eyes.

Bad brushing technique.

You should brush your dog before and after a bath, but only if you regularly brush it at least three times a week. Brushing can be painful and uncomfortable if there are mates or knots on your pet’s skin. “This can turn the toilet into a negative.”

Expedited drying technique

Make sure you have towels ready before the bath (the last thing you want is a soaked pet wetting your house!) And, if you have a dog, have a few towels on the floor and a list to cover.

Bathe it too often.

Dogs are naturally prepared, so you do not need to bathe your pet more than once a month. Too many baths can actually remove the natural oils in your pet’s coat and cause skin irritation. Talk to your veterinarian to determine the best grooming schedule and the best type of shampoo for your pet’s breed and activity level.

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annam ramesh says:

Dog wsashong telugu trips

Ishara Dilani Kaluarachchi says:

Once a month is too long I thing…my dog have long coat so he's getting always dirty..he needs at least twice a month bath…

ThatRyGuyGamer says:

Wait are these mistakes we shouldnt be doing? or tips that we SHOULD be doing. The Title says 7 Common Mistake you make while bathing your dog….so all of these things listed are mistakes?….

1111stunna1111 says:

The ones a month wash is total bullshit,i give my dog a wash every 3 to 4 days and he has a beautiful coat, he is always fresh and clean and he is 3 years ola now.

Angel Rivera says:

Thx this is helpful

Jim Beattie says:

thanks for posting this. I'm about to bath my 70 lb pitbull mix and somehow, I don't believe it will go anywhere near as smoothly as in this video, but I'll give it my best shot.

Josh Morgan says:

i gotta say i hate glorified power point videos. i find them hard to get to the end of any of them. i learn by video…. thats why i'm on youtube. when i wanna read i google and read full pages of info. maybe im the only one….

simran singh says:

Humme kitna baar puppy ko nehlana chahiye

Johane Phenyo says:

Short and brief. WELL DONE!!!!!

Kyle A says:

Well in fact, tests have shown the pH levels in dog and 'human' shampoos to be virtually no different. Especially with cheaper ones. Also, Yorkshire terriers for instance need regular bathing because they don't have fur, they have hair and it gets dirty quickly. Ours is bathed once a week with either coconut shampoo or dog shampoo (flea) and a load of conditioner. She is lovely and shiny and smells gorgeous. Our other two dogs are bathed about twice a year in comparison.


does washing a cat after bitten by dog with bare hands with few minor cuts on hand can cause rabies?

Horse Queen65 says:

I have to wash my yorkie once a week soo..

jocelyn colin says:


Pankaj Singh says:

it is nice this is my first commen on this video

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