Allergic Rhinitis-Hindi

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Nitin Trivedi says:

sir please apna no. dijiye

Sufiyan Momin says:

nose alargy ki Korte hobe

Asif Iqbal says:

hello sir i am asif iqbal . i am suffering from allergy of dust mite and house dust . I have gone with an allergy test both with blood as well as skin prick test and result was very annoying ,my Ige level was around 1750 (which is too high) . This was all started four years ago, i used to sneeze too much and i was irritated with my running nose every day .
2 month ago my treatment of allergy has started.I am using allopathic treatment. i am using a nasal spray, an anti-allergy tablets and sublingual immunotherapy. When i use anti allergy tablets it give relief at night but whole day i feel tired and i also sleep 3 hours in day time,i think it is side effect of the anti-allergy tablets. i am a student of class 12 i could not study well due to all these. So i want to start homeopathic treatment with allopathic. Most of the homeopathic doctor don't know about SUBLIGUAL IMMUNOTHERAPY(it is also effective but it takes 6-10 month to cure allergy).So i want to know that if i start homeopathic treatment with immunotherapy then there is any problem or not because i want to remove my allergy as soon as possible. i have a fear that homeopathic treatment will affect the working and mechanism of treatment of SUBLINGUAL IMMUNOTHERAPY. so please please tell me the correct thing

Karan Pareenja says:

Hello Sir, I am suffering from this problem, especially with the arrival of winter season. It stays until march-april. The problem alleviates during summers, but doesn't fully go away. Should I use that inhaled corticosteroid?

Nicky Agnihotry says:

Sir mne apki medicine use ki h n ab sb achha chl rha h khati hu n theek rhti hu jis din ni khati us din fir se ho jati h but dwa khane se cough hmesa rhti h cough k liye kya kru

Aaisha Khan says:

sir mere kaan naak mei kharish hoti hai chheek vi aati mei davai vi bahut kha chuka. hu pr jb tk mei davai khata hu tb tk thik rehta hu oske baad vhi problem ho jati hai sir agar yha ilaj ho skta hai to pllzz reply

Anima Enterprices says:

me 34 years ke hu Mera droctor foracort 200 inhelar dia he Kiya ye thik he.

Preeti Singh says:

Sir muje tand se allergy hai 7 sal ho gaye medical khate hue

Shahid Paddy says:

oh Allah please help us
I am so tired of it
I want to. ……

Pardeep Singh says:

sir jab bhi inhale use krta hun to halat badtar ho jate hain nak completely block ho jata ha…..m very much disturbed….

kabir gahlot says:

sir I need appointment .kindy give ur address .


I am also suffering.but sir ma bohot Sara doctor dakhaya lakin koi luv nahi paya….

Devgurjar Gurjar says:

sir jo apne naak me daalne wali dwaa btai h uska naam likho plz sir


Allegra 120mg everyone

Gourab Barman says:

The way you explain the problem is very helpful to me,
I am very thankful to you…

Muhammad Asif says:

Thank you so much for your helpful video


महोदय मुझे लगभग बीस साल से ये परेसानी है कि थोड़ा भी चल लू या घर में थोड़ा सा भी काम कर लू ओर फिर साधारण पानी पी लू या नहा लू तो सौ प्रतिशत पहले तो गले मे खरास होगी फिर बदन दर्द होगा फिर बुखार हो जाता है जो कि जल्दी ठीक नही होता है मै बहुत परहेज भी करता हू अपने आप को बहुत बचाने की कोशिश करता हू लेकिन पन्द्रह बीस दिन में बीमार हो ही जाता हूं कृपया मुझे पक्का ईलाज बताऐ आपका आभारी रहूंगा

Prayas Foundation says:

sir mujhe khansi hoti h… thodi si thand aane par… bhout jyada khansi suru ho jati h.. iske liye kuch permanent upae h kya

Nandan Tiwary says:

sir u are great, u changed my life, i will be ever grateful to u for…..

Ashwani Ch says:

Sir plz give me your clinic address

hemant Jat says:

Sir aapaka connect no. Pls

Ranjeet Singh says:

* Fexofenadine hydrochloride tablets *


Indrajeet Gupta says:

Sir I'm suffering from allergy. I had coughing from past 3 yesrs .But after taking homeopathy medicine i got more relief than taking allopathy medicine

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