Chandler’s allergy

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Lulu Khnouf says:

Is the dog a male or a female? Sometimes it's a he and sometime it's a she!!??

Frida Säterö says:

6:04 I thought their dog was named Chi-Chi? XD

MildeAmasoj says:

I cry when I see dogs omg every damn time 😭

Alice Save says:

is this dog a boy or a girl im confused

Alanna Gallo says:

Everyone knows Ross and Monica had a dog named ChiChi.

Frank Joshi says:

which ever scene is Phoebe in, she just nails it everytime

M.A Assuhidis says:

Wow, I hate all of them (apart form Joey) for not taking sides with Chandler and prefering a random dog.

Kirti P says:

Chandler : how did… You know?
Hilarious XDD

Akeem Soumare says:

"Ok, you are new" gold loool

Khloe Klay says:

Friends are my.favorite

krishna sai says:

That doggo is damn cute 😍

Fatoma Gomez says:

7:07 the famous Joey's "You think?" meme 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

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