Mold/fungus causes lactic acidosis, high blood pressure, cancer, food allergies,and more.

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RubberWilbur says:

Will ketosis very low sugar diet kill the mold and fungus in your body by starving it to death?

NaturalHI says:

I tested positive for Candida in my blood, but not in my stool test. Can Candida in the blood cause chronic high blood press?

Mary Koger says:

Please tell us more about how to treat fungal infections. I love your information. Thank you so much for what you do.

Adam Pitt says:

Hello,Do you ship your suppliments to the United Arab Emirates?i work here as an expatriate, most good suppliments are hard to find here.

Emil g jr says:

good info… People.. if you don't get this.. Look up how much it cost to have A Mold infestation removed from your Home. that's it. the construction workers dressed in white airtight suits with Air filtration masks on.. Someone thinks Mold is a problem to your health. .. Problem is not enough dr.s are looking into our home environment for your health issues.. except for House M.D.
thanks Dr. S. for finding this information before the information fades away … and maybe we can get More Practitioners to follow you..
it is like if you have a flat tire.. and to remedy the problem you just put air in the tire… what happens down the road.. if you don't get this then keep putting air in that tire.. and question your Dr.s prescriptions.

Tango Maniac says:

OH Please enable transcriptions when you do these. This one doesn't let you turn on captions to get them. I need them to keep track of all your stuff so i can quickly do word searches when I need to review! otherwise i get all mixed up!

Rebecca Hutcheson says: this is the culture that the industry uses to make beer wine bread this is also the culture used in Kombucha it is a yeast mold spore producing mycotoxin that is not beneficial to your body. these industries are liars you cannot trust them. It's nice to have people who want to educate others on YouTube thanks for all you do.

Cosmic Othniel says:

Why not use baking soda to kill the acidosis?? Flood the body with a Alkaline food or supplement to put out the acid fire.

M A Brush says:

Does the Keto diet typically help improve blood pressure? I've been on this diet 6 weeks and my bp has gone up.



Rebecca Hutcheson says:

you're right on track.. we're also being sold something right now that's very similar to the fluoride situation. "more of their lies"…
" kombucha" , kombucha is not beneficial bacteria it is made with saccharomyces cervacia culture. it is a genetically modified culture of fungus. that same culture is used by fleshmein's for the yeast in your bread .also the beer and wine industries use the same culture. it is also being used as a probiotic in the hospital setting (more poison ) and it has caused plenty of the deaths and also when the capsules are opened before they're placed in the patients NG Tube their spores are spreadable. this is the nosacomial infection that is being spread around in the hospital. it isn't because the nurses or doctors are unclean it's because of the pharmaceutical/poison companies.
another fungus culture acetobacter used to make the vinegars now. organic products are not supposed to use the cultures however you'll need to do your own checking. also look at the milk industry they use lactococcus lactis which is a strep pathogen to culture cheese yogurt .this is a deadly pathogen. anything that is a cocci be it negative or positive causes disease. the BT toxin they spray in the fields is bacillus thermogenis it is also a deadly fungus it is allowed in organic farming I'll let you check that one out yourself. think about something real heavily that is these industries are the same ones that sold us the poisonous fluoride that EPA rejected in our environment because this is an industrial waste product that is deadly but when EPA rejected it in the environment the industries were left with what do we do now we're losing so much money to scientist and paid piece of s*** scientist that gave them their out. by placing it in the water supply this was killing two birds with one stone the industry stop losing money due to the fact now they could dump it in the water supply with the lies they had created, and now the medical industry would wake up even more due to your sickness. Harvard University came out with a study recently that was hidden that deemed fluoride a neuro toxin and the same with Lancet which is a medical Journal very similar to New England Journal of Medicine.

William Hendry says:

Dr S, can you give me the name of the book you referenced. I can't find anything by Jane Lynn. Thanks

Monica Carver says:


Julie Rosales says:

wow I'm in shock right now. I wish I would have found you sir in 2002 when my family had our serious almost deadly mold exposure. myself my two year old son and then husband had such high levels of mold in our rental home it was completely torn down. In the ten year lawsuit case we could find not ONE doctor that was willing to go on record stating how deadly mold was because back then it was so taboo and "mold is everywhere, it's not harmful". now all these years later I am still having health issues which I believe after seeing your research is directly linked to the prolonged exposure of very toxic levels of several molds.. I would have never have thought that my body was moldy. everything you have described I have and have had for a very long time from the chronic wide spread body pain, chronic nonstop pain in head ringing in ears, digestive issues and recently possible cancer (awaiting test). just to have all the docs tell me mold is nothing andake me feel like I am crazy or making up the way I feel. I would give anything to know what it feels like to feel good. thank you so much for your videos I will be following your advice. I look forward to hearing more from you!

Bashir Mohamed says:

is buckwheat safe to eat

scrollfinger says:

Took me, as well, a year to find mold/ infection. Then, allergies including yeast. Can't eat grains. Nutritionist insists this is nano-crystals in all grains; and our allergies are from glyphosate. Now lactic acidosis. Always ate too much sugar due to low appetite.
So, heavy metals> candida> mold> allergies> lactic acidosis – as you describe.
Then my idiot brother gave a "Life is good" t-shirt.

Top of your game, doc.

gwynedd1 says:

Yeah I suspect acquired gluten intolerance is related to fungus. Digestive problems, incomplete digestion, and then the glutens get in the blood…Also doesn't help Wheaton glutens are not water soluble unlike spelt.

Reid Bounsall says:

Dear Dr. Schmidt: Though this isn't related, have you ever looked at PROTANDIM? It's a synergistic blend of 5 super herbs, i.e. turmeric, ashwagandha, green tea, milk thistle, and bacopa. It lowers oxidative stress by 40% after 30 days and 70% after 120!
It was featured a few years ago on ABC NEWS PRIMETIME, and was formulated by a brilliant biochemist out of Cornell University, Dr. Joe McCord. Also, a huge advocate of PROTANDIM is Dr. David Perlmutter. Also, it boosts Glutathione levels 300% after 120 days, and unlike ASEA, it's AFFORDABLE! If you're interested in checking out the science behind PROTANDIM, just go to and type in: Protandim – Dr. Joe McCord.
P.S. – There are a number of PubMed studies which support its claims.

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