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I don’t know if this boy likes chocolate! It “tickles his mouth”, but he sure does love other candy.
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Samika Vlogs says:

Question of the Day: Have you ever had a lunchable? What's your favorite?

Mona Whyt says:

I haven't watched the vlogs in a few months and Noah is talking so much! is it weird that I'm really proud of him? And PJ! Look at how big she is! <3

Rizz Vlogs says:

Sandwich whit koolaid

Cyn Wilson says:

I'm almost 25 years old and I still love lunchables. The pizza one is my favorite, I like putting them in the microwave for like 30 seconds and it's perfect!

Justine Josey says:

I would either get the hot dog, taco, pizza, or burger lunchables. I think my fav was the taco tbh, I low key wish they still made them just to taste it one last time.

Cynthia Leavey says:

how much are the jump houses or the bouncy slides??

Kyle Jeffery says:

Jen was in my dreams last night. Which is odd. I rarely dream about specific people. She is in my subconscious.

RalphandLou says:

I have never had a lunchable! Ralph had them when he was little. Safe travels guys!!

Anna Veith says:

Safe travels!

Lucy says:

I love you guys!

Jazmine Rose says:

Noah reminding you guys to pray, reminded me of the Eric Church song 3 year olds. Listen to it you'll love it!

Jonno Flanno says:

My nephew who was about 3 years old ate a Milky Way bar as we all know it to be white chocolate and all of a sudden, his face swelled up rather alarmingly. He had no problem eating milk chocolate before. Turned out that eating white choc caused him to be allergic to it so he still doesn't eat white choc to this day ever since.

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