12 Subtle Symptoms Of A Thyroid Problem That You Should Never Ignore

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Sometimes we can feel that there is some change in our body, but we keep telling ourselves: “There is nothing wrong or serious with it, it is just a cold, or allergy.”

In some cases, this can be true, but often these seemingly innocent signs can indicate a more serious health problem.

So, it is very important to pay attention to the message your body tries to send, especially when it comes to issues with your thyroid.

Even though it is a small gland, the thyroid is responsible for producing thyroid hormone which regulates your heartbeat, temperature, and metabolism.

To be able to spot some of the early warning signs of thyroid issues, keep reading and found out which are the 12 most common symptoms.


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S.M.G. Al Faruque says:

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Regina Peterson says:

I have all the symptoms listed except the hunger and weight gain. I have had the blood test numerous times but it always comes back negative. I do have a swelling in my throat. I can see the outline of my thyroid, which I could never see in the past. I do have trouble swallowing food at times, it feels like it is sticking in my throat and even though I keep swallowing, it doesn't go down. This happens occasionally and lasts for 3 or 4 days at a time. Does anyone else have this?

puru says:

I have symptoms of both high and low thyroid… what the heck.
Blood test said I had too low though, idk if I should take the medication or not. I never trust doctors after horrible experiences in the past. They make you suffer and take too much medicine because they're too lazy to look further than the surface problem. Can thyroid be a symptom instead?

kamuda shalom says:

Horror voice

karan1910 says:

very nice video

Nicole Fritz says:

Wow, stabbing your toe? Yeah, that would hurt. (I think they meant stub.) Let me go stab my toe now… xD

glen gemmell says:

Nice printing

Stop Frame says:

The information is obscured by a terrible computer voice and terrible use of visuals. Why would you think that putting the writing alongside that voice would be appealing? I had to give up watching after 1 min

George Fredrickson says:

I have underactive thyroid. I'm a male 23 years old and eat 1600 calories a day, with exercise and am still slowly gaining weight. It sucks. I fucking hate this disease.

Mikaela Valdez says:

I'm afraid I will get fat even tough I workout. Is there anything to help that? Please let me know!

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