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Of course if you watched this vlog or some of our recent vlogs, you know that my son William has developed allergies. Specifically to cats.
Its super sad because we went through this with Tayden and it wasn’t easy. We had to get rid of our little yorkie dog Zeus because Tayden was to young to understand how to properly handle a pet and manage his allergies/asthma.
Now that he is older, we figured we would get an outside cat. It has been fine for Tayden, but now William just started having allergies out of no where. He has been around dozens of cats with no issues.
Its just frustrating as a parent to see how much our kids have suffered from something that seems so meaningless. I would gladly trade places with them and take on their allergies if I could. I’ve always said, “If allergies was a person, I would destroy them!!!”
I’m not an angry person, really, but somethings don’t deserve love and respect in this life and allergies is one of them! Happy Monday everyone! 😀 HAHA

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rosenrust01 says:

you can help it by giving him hunny

Daniel Beaven says:

Cats and dogs I get ice for it

Bella Kim says:

That's exactly what happens to me! I am allergic severely to cats!

Shenaya Geffrard says:

poor boy I hope you feel better bless all of your hearts


2 years ago today

OwsEFC Football vid and gaming video says:

AWW poor William

Christin Stegall says:

you are the best

Legendary Clasher ! says:

its not the fur or hair its the saliva on the fur or hair

Josiah Ochoa says:

un allergic to cats dogs weeds trees and grass

Julio Luna says:

You stoll the music for a youtuber!😠💔

Anna Angulo says:

i have the same i pad

The Underdog says:

Hope you fell better william

TheDarkDragon says:

im allergic to cats and when my eyes get ichy i put a wet rag on them.

lady gaga gaga says:

Bug rapellent

Anne Schulz says:

I have asthma and am allergic to penicillin

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