Food Allergy Love: Navigating an Egg Allergy

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Navigating an Egg Allergy

The biggest challenge at the beginning of any food allergy diagnosis is learning how to read food labels and navigate safely through the grocery store. In this week’s video I not only talk about what you need to know about reading food labels when you are on an egg-free diet but also how to bake egg-free. It’s really quite simple once you get the hang of it! You’ll be baking like a culinary artist in no time!! Baking with eggs will soon be a thing of the past!

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Food Allergy Love with Lauren is a video series created by the writer of The Epi-Family blog. Lauren’s two young boys have life-threatening food allergies. Lauren bares her heart as she shares her family’s struggles, victories, and daily adventures. To read more about this family’s story visit

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djknight_bringin'_back_the_old_school_style says:

I have allergies but I eat eggs and I don't feel like they get me sick or turkey beacon what gets me allergies is pork meat peaches give allergies but no eggs is weird I have inflammation inside the nose but I that's an infaction to I am allergic to fish shrimp I'm not allergic to tuna chicken or salmon I am allergic to pizza I'm not allergic to milk I don't see it

Jamie Miller says:

Hellmans makes a vegan mayonnaise that has no egg. It tastes the same and I love it now that I can have mayo again!

JeNeal Archibald says:

2/3 of my family has egg allergies. This really helps, thanks.

chris mclaren says:

Great video thanks! I recently got told egg replacement can have egg in it. Is this true? I'm from the UK.

lovsulea armstead says:

Great video !

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