Cows Milk And Candida: Can I Drink Cow’s Milk On Candida Diet?

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Is Cow’s milk okay/good on candida diet? Can I drink cow’s milk if I have candida yeast infection?

I’m no big fan of cow’s milk at all and I haven’t been now for a long, long time. I remember when I was a student back in the 80s, and I started reading reports about how cow’s milk was basically made for cows, for baby cows not for humans. And certainly after working with patients for a long period of time I found that cow’s milk was not necessary at all for good health. In my country no doubt like your country and many other western countries, we’re taught that we need to drink milk all the time or our bones will crumble. In fact, totally the opposite is true. The more milk you drink, the higher the likelihood of osteoporosis. It’s crazy. In fact, the countries with the smallest dairy population and the least amount of milk consumption tend to be the ones who have the least amount of osteoporosis. It’s remarkable, but true.

So, milk does contain calcium, but it also contains a lot of phosphorous and a lot of unwanted chemicals in there from the production through the dairy industry. Milk is also one of the most allergy forming of all foods you can possibly eat. It’s an acidic food, it creates mucus and phlegm in the body. While it does contain an appreciative amounts of calcium, you can certainly get calcium from a lot of other sources rather than just dairy products.

But when it comes to Candida, one of the chief reasons I like to remove cow’s milk from the diet is because so many people come back with a positive on a food allergy test with dairy products. In fact, I would say 60 to 70 percent of everyone I test will have some dairy allergy, particularly cow’s milk. By removing cow’s milk entirely from the diet, and switching to goat’s milk, almond milk, there are different milks you can have. Nut milks for example. Cashew milk or something. You’re going to reduce the potential of your immune system creating antibodies against the highly allergenic substance. You’re basically backing off the immune system. The same goes for cream. Some people are so sensitive to dairy products they need to take yogurt out of their diet, but for the majority this is not really true.

The second stage of my Candida Crusher eating approach involves the hypoallergenic diet, or the low allergy diet. I initially introduce people I work with into the MEVY diet: Meat, eggs, vegetables and yogurt. Basically quite a healthy Paleo way of eating. The second stage is the low allergy component. So we take the allergenic foods out. You can read more about that at By taking the potential allergy foods out of the diet, we’re going to free the immune system up. It’s going to make it a lot easier for the immune system to start drawing its attention towards the pathogens in the body, the bad bacteria of the Candida. It’s a very good approach and I’ve used it now for a long time.

What are some of the other key allergy foods that you can eat? Bananas, oranges, chocolate, sugars, Brewer’s yeast can be a big problem. Baker’s yeast is often fine, but Brewer’s yeast is often a big problem. Dairy products, of course, which rank as number one. But what about peanuts? Yep, I take peanuts out as well. Other nuts I don’t tend to worry too much unless the person is consuming too much every day of nuts like almonds and Brazil nuts, there can be allergies. Generally, I don’t find too many other foods to be a problem. I don’t find fish or crustaceans or shellfish to be a problem, only in a minority of cases do we take fish out of somebody’s diet.

Taking cow’s milk out of the diet when you have a yeast infection is a very smart idea. You will be able to, in time, put the milk back in again, but I don’t think it’s a good food for people to have in general. It’s cow’s milk.

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Robin Breeds says:

I use to drink goats milk at my parents when i moved on to cows milk i am sure it helped candida, in fact its not even the lactose i am sure its the fat of the milk or protein. May be it's the excess mucus.

Ash says:

Good video. And I like how you wrote everything you said word for word in the description; it helps me and will help deaf people understand your videos better.

Nobody No One says:

raw grass feed milk is great in my opinion

Tombstone416 says:

What about goats milk? is it bad for acid reflux? stomach issues.

Bowl of Tofu says:

Can I drink human breast milk on the candida diet:?

V Z says:

can I still eat whole grain pasta?

Joshua Bush says:

not to mention it's a very horrible cruel industry! I agree with you and it is made to make a baby cow grow!

Basic B says:

What kefir do you suggest?

007Bluemchen says:

Hi Eric! Your videos are so informative. I've been watching them for over an hour now. I don't really like cows milk and cut it out of my diet a long time ago. However, I would like to add Kefir during my Candida cleanse and I saw that you suggest that as well. Do the cows milk harmful effects "change" when you ferment it? Thanks for all your help!

JE .S says:

thats most likely because you are refering to pasteurised and homogenised milk? Raw milk how ever is not the same, most people that are lactose can consume this? The lactase (enzyme) in the raw milk digests the lactose (sugars) in the milk. Also kefir which is made from milk has a large amount of probiotics which can re-colonise the gut with healthy microbes? The good bacteria in it break down the lactose which means lactose intolerant people can consume it with health benefits. This is recorded by the weston A. Price foundation.

Рома Ковальчик says:

sorry for off-topic. Mister Candida Crusher, can you say something about hunger therapy? Is it useful for leaky gut? Also would you be so kind to tell more about the link between acne and leaky gut syndrome(i have already watched that one). Especially, about diet. It is so controversial question. I am still in doubt whether I should eat rice(white, brown, soaked), buckwheat (green and sprouted, roasted), pumpkin, bananas, dried fruits, apples and so on(i am a vegetarian – no dairy and meat, but eat eggs). What about high glycemic index foods?
Which supplements are the best? I have ordered L-Glutamine, Pro-Biotic Acidophilus, Marshmallow Root, Caprylic Acid.
How long to wait for results?
May parasites be the cause of leaky gut and acne as result?

Sorry to waste your time and thank you for all the information you have already given.
I wish you all to be healthy and beautiful!

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