Mosquito Repellent- All Natural Premium Bracelet

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Mosquito Repellent- All Natural Premium Bracelet
Priced at $11.99, the Mosquito Repellent by Bugshield, is a great way of protecting yourself against mosquitoes. Unique in its own way, this bracelet uses an effective combination of powerful ingredients namely essential oils and citronella extract that protects users against mosquito bites for two weeks.

Extremely portable, the Mosquito Repellent is made out of high quality microfiber that makes it extremely comfortable to use on the skin. Moreover you can easily adjust the repellant on your hand and it can fit the size of your wrist. Additionally, the mosquito repellant by Bugshield is also 100 percent safe to use. Moreover, it is non toxic and since it is medically tested, it can be used by pregnant woman.

The bracelet is a very unique way of protecting yourself. It is very effective and extremely durable. Moreover it is 100 percent natural and deet free; it is completely safe for people of all ages. You can easily wear the bracelet and go outdoors as it will protect you against harsh and dangerous chemicals. Moreover it is also 100 percent deet free.

Unlike other mosquito repellants, this bracelet is free of any allergens and therefore smells very good as well. If you are not looking to use heavy chemicals, you definitely have something good at your hand. Moreover, the company also offers 24/7 customer support and 30 days money back guarantee so incase you do not like the bracelet or find it to be too ineffective, you should return it.

Effective, easy to put on and free of any chemicals and allergens, the Bugshield Mosquito Repellant ensures consistent protection throughout the day and is a great way of protecting yourself. They are reliable and they are 100 percent safe for use for children, pregnant women or anyone despite any allergies they might have.
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