My StRaNgE Addiction…Eating Soap!

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Kaelyn plays a girl named Lisa who is addicted to eating soap! This is just a skit. It’s not real! Please Do Not Attempt this at home!

Did Kaelyn really eat soap? Find out here:-

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Kiara Smith says:

Omg I thought she ate soap x😋😂


soap taste better than they smell

Melissa Johnson says:

this video was sooo satisfieing

Dog Saiyan says:


Aimee Vera says:

Y’all know that eating soap can make u sick

September Gleeh says:

Don't use drugs kids…..u might end up like her…no offense ✌

Devin Wu says:

Bruh u have braces how do u eat soap lol

Tolga Yeşilyurt says:

senin ben götünü sikeyim oç

Giya Dhaliwal says:

But what was that blue thing in your mouth when you were showing us how to cut it and you ate it was that candy

MIN yoongi is a dangerous man!! says:

This kid needs jesus

Rumana Saifi says:

I am so surprised 😱

Dimond sky Ariza channel says:

If I would eat soap I would die

douacheeyang says:

she gonna be REAL clean

Rainbow Unicorn says:

My brother says "YOU'RE A PIG GET A LIFE!!!"

Jose Fernando says:

I'm addicted to Monster Energy

Latrica Jackson says:


Myla Nguyen says:

This is satisfying idek whyyyy

Hi says:

Im addictet to lamas and Pizza lmao

Filo X Filo says:

Not because the soap smells good does not mean it taste good

Ilana Plata says:

but im not a hater im a l lover keep making more ❤💖❤💗💗💗💗💖

Ilana Plata says:

I can tell when you put the soap in your mouth it was a marshmallow

Néstor Ramos says:


Kittycakes With Cat says:

Was it chocolate?

Thess Binay says:

me i am watching 2017

Mr piggy playz _ says:

Whos watching in 2018 2019 2020
2021 2022 2023 2024 there u are about set for 7 years ( :

Daisy Girl says:

Really…. bad actress

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