Daily Vlog: Allergies Suck & It’s Baseball Time II April 10th 2014

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Some doesn’t do to well with the pollen…So if was off the doctors today. And another great (and very busy) night of baseball. My little super stars..
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shortii12341 says:

I went to Shriners and we always waited at least 2-3 hours to see the Doctor. But I think most of the time they were looking over my x-rays. They have a team of doctors though. So you always don't see the same doctor. 

JaymieNachole says:

My oldest has terrible allergies also…I give him a tsp of local honey every day plus his allergy medicine and it helps. The doctor wanted him to go for allergy testing as well. Hope Tyler gets better quick!!

Mammaneeds Anap says:

What a productive day! Hope Tyler is feeling better today. The beds looked great on Instagram . Have a great weekend Molly. ~ Julie

Debbie Trekell says:

My granddaughter has pretty bad allergies also, she looks just like Tyler, those poor red watery eyes

JackiePlus3Boys says:

I love you so hard Tyler trying to swallow that pill. He was the cutest little thing I felt so bad for his eyes. Miss y'all

Emberleigh Montgomery says:

Go mom. More parents need to tow the line and teach kids there are repercussions for their actions or inactions as the case may be. My parents did the same. If I got grounded, I was grounded from everything – tv, after school activities, telephone, computer etc. Luckily I've been pretty good and it's only happened once so far and I'm 17 now. But it is a lesson I have never forgotten.

Stephanie Cox-Mueth says:

Cullie was watching Chicken Little on Disney Junior yesterday morning as well! lol…he loved it!!! I'm telling u Molly, they are twins..lol..Hope Tyler is doing better today!!!! Love your vlogs as always!!!! Love u all as well xoxoxo

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