Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier Review

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See on Amazon: http://amzn.to/298PxPV

This is the dyson pure cool air purifier tower from Dyson. It’s a dyson air filter that filters everything up to .3 microns. It filters pet dander, allergens, pollutants, off gases, fumes and more. It’s an IOT (internet of things) product that connects to wifi and your smart phone signaling your air quality at any given time. The fan has a 10-speed fan and circulates air throughout the room as well. It also has an auto mode that filters exactly what needs to filter by being intuitive and adapting to your environment and home at any given time. It’s an incredibly awesome product, glad I get to add this to my home to increase comfort and air quality.


Alex Soto says:

"Real nice to cool everything down" is not a sufficient review regarding the cooling fan capability. sheesh.

troy40 says:

qvc has it right now for 300.00 i bought one

Art Rooney says:

just purchased one. doubting my purchase

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