Treating hot spots on dogs, Advice from PetPrepper

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oops I said Baby shampoo I meant betadine shampoo!


Shali Book says:

hi ma'am may I know how to use black pepper to dogs. .Please. .

Healthy GOO Doggy GOO says:

Hot Spots = Compromised Immune System caused by ALLERGY to Environmental Sources.

Because Allergy = a Mis-Wiring in the Immune System, it is necessary to Target / Fight Enviro Allergies from the Immune System Inside > Out !

How ?

By building “Internal” Immune Tolerance to 15 Major enviro Sources, with the Doggy GOO Goal, that over a Modest 90 Day Period of Time, “External” Allergy Symptoms become increasingly Mitigated / eventually are No Longer Triggered.

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So Stop Masking Allergy Symptoms with Pharma, while your Dog’s Allergy Fire Burns Brighter & Hotter.

Time to Target / Fight Itchy Enviro Allergies with a Doggy GOO-Licious Treat !

precision Brown says:

You can wash the spot or spots with dawn and try polysporin or a antibiotic ointment. I used it on my Pug

M Hjalmers says:

We use high-grade Manuka Honey on our dog and the hot spots are always healed after a few days

Maka Albarn says:

hi my dog has the same thing butt different what should i use


one mug of boiled neem leaves water after every bath.topicure is also good for all kinds of skin problems ticks fleas etc in hot humid climes


Dogs are carnivores and a raw diet will stop most problems

Reann McCaulley says:

try oatmeal shampoo for dogs

sandy nan says:

baby powder is what groomers use to hide any redness  on the skin, its only a cover up.

sandy nan says:

try disinfecting than smooth on coconut oil

Janet DC says:

baby shampoo is bad for dogs because humans have a different pH then dogs…it dry's out their skin….your dogs vet is a dumb ass. That thing that helped your dog was the powder.

CBR TrapTrav says:

dumb ass human products are bad for your dog you made that hot spot

Fantastic Lifestyle says:

plz tell about the powder u hv used

Nya Gonzalez says:

what kind of poder

Patsy Williams says:

This is not my dog, he came here because it is cool and stays here, his owner chained him up with another dog, they got loose and got wrapped around a pole in the over 90 degree weather. Anyway he has something on his legs, I don't know if it is mange or hot spots and I can't afford a vet living on social security.  I tried taking him home which is a couple blocks away but he won't go home. He has been around here for the last 4 years.  I don't know what to do.  I can't tell by these videos either what it is.  What am I to do????

Emily Gregory says:

how can u tell if it is a hotspot or staph? my gizzy has a couple little red spots.i have had him groomed and am now using polysporn on the little spots,can u use apple cider vinegar?

steve smith says:

with a hot spot, will there be in some cases, a dried crusty bit over the top of the area??

geniusinexile says:

aww your poor puppy! I know mine hated having that. I sprayed on a bit of oil to sooth her itching and burning and that made her happy!
hot spots are the worst for our little hairy children, aren't they?

geniusinexile says:

Good advice! thank you so much! hopefully she wont get another one again! yeesh!

jason ear says:

Any hot spots…..easy to treat. Just cut away the hair over and around the spot. Then clean the spot.. with dog shampoo and rinse. Finally use cotton wool to wash the wound with Listerine mouth wash. Leave to dry. It will be gone in a few days. If you dog keep biting at it you have to put a 'cone' on the dog for a week to stop the dog licking and spreading it. You can add extra Listerine to the hot spot once each day. Get the hot spots early….don't let the dog lick and chew them!!

geniusinexile says:

@moblackbird thank you! I made a lavender tea and sprayed that on and it seems to work for her. I think "some little person" has been spraying body spray on her, lol. We've stopped that! Thank you so much!

MOblackbird says:

There are some herbal things you can use, too. I've read in several places about comfrey solution for hot spots; also a dilution made with cornmeal. Comfrey is not something to take internally, but does some good things externally. Here is a link about both, but there is more info out there if you do a search. Well, I tried to post the link and it wouldn't take it in the comment area–don't know how to do that. Anyway, just do a search, you'll find info.

PetPrepper says:

Noooooooo, baby shampoo bad!!!! I said Betadine, then Gold Bond. Baby shampoo could make it worse

imasurvivornthriver says:

You're such a good mommy!! 🙂 That's great advice.

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