Bed Bug Mattress Cover

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Close A good bed bug mattress cover has a velco fastener at the zipper stop so that bed bugs are sealed inside. The mattress and box spring cover enclosed the bed bugs, but it does not prevent new bed bugs from getting on a bed.


BriefcaseWanker says:

what kind of bed covers r those

Wannella Lawson says:

What is a good affordable bed bug mattress cover. Thanks

3bunnies100 says:

thank you Rick

James Menta says:

great info Rick. I have a definite guide to mattress protectors on my blog and I shared these tips too. Thanks

Amen Suten says:

you skipped over how the mattress actually provides protection

Protect-A-Bed says:

Not sure if Velcro can stop a Bed Bug. Protect-A-Bed has a better BugLock system that has been tested by entomologists.

NativeDeafMan says:

Thank you for tell me everything, I have go look for mattress cover

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