SuperMask Nasal Filters

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Young lady who suffers from allergic asthma and sinusitis from allergies. She tried a couple of nasal filters but was really thrilled to be able to use the Super Mask. She explained that the Super Mask is not irritating to her nose, sits lower in her nose, is more easy to breathe through and works brilliantly to keep out 99% of pollen, animal dander, mold and other allergens. Allergic asthma attacks from environmental allergens no longer cause this little lady to end up in hospital as long as she has her Super Mask! She is now a distributor of the Super Mask. Visit her website at to order a Super Mask for someone you know who suffers from allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma or allergic sinusitis.


Donnie May says:

EXTREMELY thorough video. Answered all of my questions. Aren't you the cutest! Thank you for making this video, Im going to buy me some right now too.

wtfMYRON says:

they sound so sarcastic lol but it's just the accent

Kathy Strube says:

Where can I purchase this product?

Ron Laukaitis says:

Any update video in the pipe?

Cordy Thornton says:

air draws over..on
poor designers.. being invented..worked on some for

Cordy Thornton says:

yes..tried carbon ones..air is draw

Suki Jiang says:

A good product.there is another new portable fashion mask purifier. using forever, you just need replace air filter per 6month here. more friendly and more cheaper for long using.

Chuki says:

Can you please explaine better the cleaning-and what is this "ultrasound jewlery cleaner" or something?

Hari Joskid says:

Nice info.. (y)

pichilmi says:

are they from australia?

Ankit Dave says:

good one.. but hey i m gonna improve some in this product with some experiments

Neko says:

Those are washable, right? How do you clean them? Just water?

CPEA101 says:

Cute little entrepreneur…. I'm convinced… I'd buy.

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