DIY Travel Allergy Protecting Pillowcase

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Make A travel pillowcase to improved your sleep, health and comfort . Shield, is a fabric that has a barrier built into it, to shield moisture and allergens. Light weight and a Whole lot smaller to pack than your pillow:)
Shield Fabric by Fairfield


newbeequilter says:

I almost didn't watch this video because it's been a busy day and thought, "What else am I going to learn about a pillowcase that I haven't already heard from Laura?" And then you showed us how to do that binding and use of the tissue paper. Once again, you didn't disappoint in showing me some new and very helpful tips.

Yes, the only problem I would have is taking that allergan free pillowcase off before I leave. How DID you know? 🙂 I forgot a rain jacket at a theatre this very afternoon!

Jennie Wallick says:

Isn't that a great idea, I wonder what else you could use that fabric for. Maybe under the quilt back of a picnic blanket, or a toddler's bed, you wouldn't want to use it for and infant in case they end up face down. The lining of a wet bag. What else have you thought of?

eileenfb1948 says:

Good new product. I take a lap quilt and throw it over both pillows but this would be much less to carry. Thank you Laura.

Linda Davis says:

Great idea, Laura ! Could this fabric be serged or would that create too many perforations?

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