Nystatin + Anti Candida Diet Day 6 | 2/11/2014

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Day 6 of my anti candida diet and Nystatin. My chronic fatigue, brain fog, and anxiety are all getting better. But I have insomnia and haven’t been sleeping.

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My name is PJ, I’m 24, and I’ve been struggling with severe acne, social anxiety and depression for ten years (since I was 14). Over the past year I decided to take my health seriously, because I could not live in pain any longer. I found out in Aug. 2013 that I have low testosterone (80 year old man level), low thyroid, food allergies, leaky gut syndrome, scoliosis, and low vitamin D. I found out in Feb. 2014 that I have a bad Candida yeast overgrowth, which is the main cause of everything else. I am applying the functional medicine approach to heal and balance my body’s systems. I’m documenting my journey here and on facebook.

But that’s the short story. Want to know my full story?:

As a kid I was always quite shy, anxious, and cautions of people. I had a good childhood though, and this didn’t take over my life until puberty. In high school I started to get acne and increased social anxiety. It started mild, but got worse. I was covered in cystic acne by age 16. Being a shy person to begin with, this pushed me into isolation. I was extremely fearful of social situations and talking to people. People noticing my existence made my heart rate skyrocket. I was put on antidepressants and various acne medications (antibiotics, Proactive, retin-a). Nothing helped. Nothing actually got to the root of what was causing my symptoms. I tried my best to function and got through school while working a part time job. After school I continued to work random jobs, and my symptoms continued.

My anxiety and depression continued to get worse. My only option was to get better. I was either going to get better, keep suffering, or kill myself. I chose to get better. In November 2012 I started trying to heal my body naturally and holistically on my own through diet, supplements, and exercise. I was motivated by other people who cleared their skin this way. I stopped eating all processed foods and cut out the common food allergies. By December I added raw vegan to that list, and was only eating green smoothies. I switched my skin care routine to honey and natural oils. I started taking tons of supplements. February came and my skin only got a little better. I had lost 15 pounds (from 156 to 140). Not good since I am 6’3″ and 156 is underweight to begin with.

At this point I knew I needed professional help, but I went to the wrong person. This mistake wasted a lot of time and money, which added to my suffering. I decided to go to a naturopathic doctor, which is exactly what I needed, but I went to one who didn’t practice functional medicine. He wanted to guess and experiment with me rather than run tests to find out what was truly wrong. So I spent a the next 6 months of my life mostly paleo, and using supplements he thought might work. My skin got a little bit better. I was still getting cystic acne, just not as much. I still felt really terrible.

That brings me to August 2013 when I saw a new naturopathic doctor. But this doctor was different in that he practices functional medicine. I got a bunch of tests done which revealed candida yeast overgrowth, 20 food allergies, low testosterone (80 year old man level), low thyroid, leaky gut syndrome, scoliosis, and low vitamin D. Basically revealing the actual causes of my suffering. He explained how candida yeast, food allergies and inflammation causes hormonal imbalances, anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, and everything under the sun. I cut out all my food allergies from my diet, and started taking supplements to heal my gut. In October I detoxed my body with powerful supplements and a strict diet.

After the detox was over I experienced chronic fatigue for 3 months, didn’t leave the house once, and was basically bed bound. This was not normal, and my doctor knew there was some kind of infection. So, I took a GI stool analysis and the results showed I have a severe candida overgrowth. This is most likely the root cause of all my symptoms I’ve experienced over the past 10 years. I am currently treating this candida with the anti fungal Nystatin and on an anti-candida diet which excludes carbs and sugars.

I continue to update on my situation, what I’m doing, and the results. To learn more please like my Facebook page:


Amanda Warren says:

Have you healed ? Or is it still an ongoing issue?…

megan chalise says:

So have you finally had a chance to visit Renatta Kirmzel's website? (google it). Charlotte also managed to get rid of her yeast infection within a day after reading it.

Paul Fuller says:

I’ve had a yeast infection for a long time that`s the reason why I’ve decided to consistently use “fimi amazing plan” (Google it) which is a very good treatment I must say. In only about 3 weeks, the procedure effectively took the yeast infection away. I am not sure what is in it that actually cured me but what’s essential is that it really does work! Best stuff ever. So grateful I found this.

Odi Diaz says:

I didn't wan to get any help mentally wise cause I know what I have and it's not all in my head but while I'm fighting this awful none sense from the burning been in bed most of the day and not wan to even look at any body my doctor gives me a low dosage of clonazepam just to deal with my anxiety a little and it's helping me out a lot..I can go out of my room and talk to my family and ride my bike and stuff..my stomach problems are there but it's helping me not want to give up totally..I promise it will help you

Gary Shaw says:

3:15 is hilarious

GKneeish says:

You need Plexus. I am telling you this because it has helped so many – the ProBiotic is like NONE other on the market!   Iused to have Nystatin as well….but now I am on plant based products and am loving life!!


Liem Khiethi says:

In fact, yeast infection is literally problem with your immunity mechanism. It is important to end the root cause if you want to overcome yeast infection for good

DJdonkinmad says:

Hello, I truly feel your pain, I also was very shy and akward growing up and in my late teens social anxiety kicked in. I have an allergy to gluten, and I react to milk, sugar, alcohol and caffeine. Its tough I have had a lot of trouble over the last 4 years, I thought I had a condition called Pyrolura, have you heard of it? It is a genetic need for Zinc (testosterone) without Zinc you wont sleep. I have to use Olive Leaf Extract, Coconut Oil and Oregano Oil to kill the candida, along with probiotics. A lot of my problems seem to be elevated Copper (I think), there are not many people out there who understand. B6 also helps in the form of P5P 50mg twice a day with a B complex. Vitamin C lowers copper also. I can relate to how you cant even sit with family, I get like this myself.

If you want to talk to me direct and help each other I am cool with this. Here is my email: Davebtlg@hotmail.co.uk. I am also on facebook David John.

literman1 says:

Also I have a personal question to ask. I'm in a similar situation, in terms of gut issues and brain fog, anxiety etc. but my issues are more to do with nasal congestion and not being able to breathe properly, leading to sleep issues etc. I was just wondering if you think candida could be the cause of my chronic nasal congestion? I have tried taking lots of probiotics(100+ billion cfus per day), but my nasal congestion doesn't ever seem to fully go away. I do notice that when I avoid grains my congestion does seem to go away, yet when I starve myself it get's better  then worse( die off?). do you have any advice? I was in a bit of a stump until I found this issue, as the chronic fatigue due to the congestion and bad sleep has affected my ability to function in life. and unlike you I do not live with a supportive or understanding parent. and i am expected to function fully normally despite my condition( school, chores etc.)

 any advice would be greatly appreciated. cheers.

Леша Артеменко says:

dude you should check nofap on reddit. and btw i think i have candida too (at least i tried the saliva test and was positive). i have seborrheic dermatitis and yesterday i realized for myself that candida is the root of all shit i have been through (skinny bones,seborrhea,all kinds of anxieties, panic attacks, constant depressions,stress and headaches and finally got very serious hair loss with he help of seborrhea. dude if you could give me Anti Candida Diet, i would appreciate it. btw keep it up , don't think you can overcome your problems and live free, know you can overcome them.

TheMiyukiTakara says:

i'm glad your feeling a little better could you maybe do a detailed video on the diet? i would  like to know whats its about and i know some people in my life that would do great with this just from what your saying

castlemama says:

Wear earplugs

castlemama says:

Noxitropin pm order it on amazon

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