Watch Me Resin #5 & Allergic Reaction

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PLEASE NOTE: Just because it doesn’t happen now doesn’t mean it won’t happen later ! Allergies are developed! Remember, ANY chemicals can cause irritation. This includes Amazing Casting Resin (10 minute resin), Epoxy Resin ( Environtex, EasyCast, Famowood), UV Resin and any other resins I have not mentioned. I found that epoxy resin doesn’t cause an allergic reaction for my skin (YET), and at FIRST when I used 10 minute resin, it was fine. It wasn’t until now, about 5 months after I started using Amazing Casting Resin, that I found I have developed allergies to it. So PLEASE, even if you don’T have a reaction now, doesn’t mean you won’t get one in the future, whether that’s in a few weeks, months or even years. PROTECT YOURSELF. You can even get allergies through the fumes (which can get in through your eyes and nose).

Sorry for the short video! I know there isn’t much in this video but I hope it is helpful to you guys! BE CAREFUL WITH AMAZING CASTING RESIN. I’ve had the product for 6 months and although I have had similar skin allergies before, I always thought it was to dust. Now I am a little more sure that it’s the resin. Thank you guys so much for watching!

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1. What camera do you use?
Canon EOS Kiss X4 or Canon Powershot SX280 HS

2. What editor do you use?
The good ole simple “Windows Live Movie Maker” (WLMM). As of late May 2014, I am using iMovie as well.

3. What glaze do you use?
Triple Thick (works for me, so why not!). As of late May 2014, I am using Duraclear.

4. What brands of polymer clay do you usually use?
Sculpey III & Premo

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Jamie Stirk says:

Hi there, I also had a bad reaction working with resin, I broke out in contact dermatitis all over my arms and face. Did you ever manage to find a solution or a resin that was fine to use? I recently found one online called Eco Epoxy that I am keen to try.

steph_piggie says:

where did u get the mold to make those trinket boxes??

Craftycutekitty'sCharms! says:

I must have super not sensitive skin because I get resin on me all the time (nothing happens) well I guess I am super lucky!

Infinity Charms says:

i love your trinket boxes but what mold did you use to make them

Geek Collective says:

Hi, nice video, I have liked and subscribed.

Check out my channel as I have started opening packs. Here is the link to my latest opening with my daughter

Saades The Pug says:


dragonmaster0430 says:

What mold did u use for those? They are so cute!

jesss says:

When I first did resin, it went on my hands, and nothing happend! I don't ware gloves either!

Yasmine Elmardi says:

Hey love ur videos but I have a question what kind of paint did u use to color ur resin bc I used the same excat resin and I add acrylic paint and it did the weird bubbley reaction so mycharm looked cool. Butit was werid let me noo whatu think hope to hear back soon thanks

Nyan Productions says:

O: i love your resin pieces! And are you ok? You are better now because this video is quite old, but yeah >n< and the allergy concerns for some people right? Because resin gets on me all the time and im perfectly fine o:

Yasmmine The Person says:

Is this the same resin used for violins? I play so it would be awesome if I could use your amazing designs on my violin!!

Vivian Vazquez says:

Ouch…. Hope you feel better, Amy!

Gabby the Cat says:

I really wanna try resin. Do you have any tips about getting started?

the_mf_kitten_queen Alyssa says:

awe, I thought these were plugs for your ears. :c

MaddieMiranda says:

The trinket boxes are so cute! Where could I find the molds? And I hope your reaction feels better now.

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