Growing Up with a Chronic Disease: Severe Eczema

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to be clear im not bringing my disease up to par with all the much worse things out there or oh poor me or anything i just wanted to put this out there if other people can relate and understand. cool beans.

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Ashley S says:

I had been dealing with eczema ever since I was a teenager and after over Two decades, I was not able to heal this ailment. I visited several doctors and used several different prescribed products, it worked for short time period, it always came back after stopping making use of them. After a month of using eczema guide “kuzo great plan” (Google it), my condition vanished permanently.

Zoe McKinzie says:

I feel for you, from kinder through 6th grade I was bullied for eczema and it still bugs me, I never feel good enough now, and it sucks big time

Laili Rutledge says:

I too have chronic severe eczema and it sucks so so so bad… like i have scarring almost everywhere and am honestly too embarrassed to do pretty much anything involving shorts or bathing suits or anything because of my scarring and the outbreaks I have…

Alyson Davis says:

I have severe Excema, I was pulled out of school for it. I'm always in sweatshirts or jeans or leggings. Even when I'm at home, I feel self conscious. Thanks for making this video, I don't feel like the only one!!!

Zach Rubenstein says:

I feel for you so so much. My excema is so, so, so, bad. That was the best description of excema ever. Do you have any tips?

emani radlin says:

me too I have eczema

Marina Chamberlain says:


This could be a long shot, but I just saw your video talking about your eczema. I just wanted to say that you're really brave for putting it out there and saying how you felt about it. I'm in the same boat as you; I've had chronic eczema since I was 2 and now I'm 20. You know it sucks that there isn't some "cure" for it like there is for psoriasis. Growing up, my eczema actually got worse. I remember in middle school it was so bad I had to go on steroids. And now I get it all over my arms, hands, neck, face sometimes, and the back of my knees. I live in New England so the constant changes in weather, and the seasonal allergies really mess with it, and lately I've been having super bad flare ups. It's hard not having a control over your skin. And the topical creams I have just don't seem to be cutting it anymore. It's just nice to be able to talk about it, because like you I always had kids walking up to me asking about my skin. I tried to always put a brave face on and for the most part it worked. I hated always being asked if it was contagious though. Sometimes kids are just mean. Even all the way up into high school I was always asked about it and I was embarrassed. I still am now. I don't think anyone truly understands unless they have it as well.Having eczema sucks. I wish I had grown out of it already. The scars, and uneven skin tone sucks. I feel like I have no one to talk to about it, so seeing your video is kind of therapeutic. Thank you for that.

David Williams says:

God, I feel for you.  Try to get in a dupilimab trial.  I had eczema all my life to the point of wearing handcuffs at night to stop the scratching.  I tried everything — and I mean everything.  Dupulimab cleared it up in weeks.   

I'm in southern California as well.  Call the offices of Doctor Howard Sofen, near LAX.  He's running trials.  For me  it was a miracle.

Zoe G says:

I'm really glad you made this video because I always thought people on YouTube that are popular are so perfect and not relatable. I have had bad eczema too. I feel like I can relate to you now

nanaeboo1268 says:

This really helps me to feel better I have severe eczema in my joints stomach back and arms thanks for the support.

Simko Maler says:

I have lived with eczema for years until found out a amazing treatment.

OkayImKat says:

I'm so sorry. I don't have what you have but my face gets tomatoe red as soon as I do anything faster than a walk. And I'm allergic to dogs and everyone told me that it would go away before elementary school but I'm almost in high school and it's still here.

Lauren Smith says:

I've had severe eczema my entire life, too! 😛  It's better than it used to be since I went gluten-free (for anyone reading this who thinks a gluten-free lifestyle is nothing but a fad and has no health benefits for at least certain people, that's not true), but it's still a huge pain, sometimes.  I can't be out in the sun for longer than about five minutes without getting a rash that takes WEEKS to go away completely.  And, those annoying little gnats that are everywhere in the summer try to eat me alive! 😛  Even doctors don't always seem to understand how awful eczema can be and that we try our best to manage it.  I went to an urgent care place last year because a kitten bit me, and the doctor there was more concerned about judging my dry hands than treating the bite!  I explained to her that we had a young kitten in the house (not the same one that bit me) that I was helping to care for, and I had to wash my hands all the time because kittens are messy!  And, having moisturizer all over your hands when you have to keep picking up something furry isn't ideal!  The doctor really didn't seem to care about that.

Almeki says:

you should be a role model for others, getting on here talking about it and performing amazing covers. "proud of you"

Richard Minkley says:

that was a great video. its hard to expose your vulnerabilities on the internet so well done. i have a massive issue with anxiety. its nice to be reminded that other people have to deal with tough things as well. it lets people know that their strange illness doens't make them strange.

Joelle M B says:

You're welcome homie! I have weird skin too. My skin is SUPER sensitive.

youi nas says:

i would wear heaps of clothes in the summer cause of a similar problem with my body, but to get over it and not worry anymore is the greatest feeling ever, well donee ;D enjoy your future!

Larry Edenfield says:

I also have severe eczema and I really don't like putting my body out there either but I live down here in South Carolina where 80 degrees is among the normal and I'm out there wearing a long sleeved shirt, a jacket, long sox, and jeans it sucks when they see because I have to explain and people earlier in my life said hurtful things so much that it got to the point of me wanting to end it all… And now I have a huge scar on my arm from a razor but I really love life now so yeah I hate having to explain so I just hide it from everyone

anya humphrey says:

cool beanz 😉

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