How I Beat My Nut Allergies

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Peanuts got you down?

For many years I’ve had predictable skin and digestive system problems crop up whenever I’ve consumed nuts and seeds. Rashes, itchy skin, acne, bloating, and gas, among other problems, were what I had to look forward to when I ate them.

But over the last few years I’ve experimented with processing nuts and seeds to reduce or eliminate their lectin content before eating them, and I’ve found there’s a dramatic drop or complete disappearance of symptoms.

In this video I talk about how I processed the nuts and seeds to reduce my symptoms.


Destiny La Tour says:

U only get A RASH and a few other things but they won’t kill u omg u r so lucky I will die if I even come in contact which a nut it’s so hard to find friends I had one friend/ not friend anymore that tried to kill me with peanut butter what has this world come to 😫😫😫

Nisarg Shah says:

Try having nut butters. They are easily digested that way. The heat from the churning of the mixture destroys most of the anti nutrients.

Lloyd Naylor says:

Hi Andrew
Have you ever tried de-hulled hemp seeds (hemp hearts)? I'm sure I read somewhere that they are one of the only seeds that are anti nutrient free!! 'Complete' protein and 'ideal' omega ratio also.
Have you seen the studies that showed that UNLESS chia is ground up before consumption (like flax) it DOESN'T raise ALA in the blood!!
All the best

Andrei Fasola says:

Andrew do you include milk kefir in your diet? Just curios of your experience with it.

Quinn Blaiklock says:

fabulous info! I use a dehydrator afterwards to crisp up nuts. Makes them much easier to store – and no mold. Many thanks!

Jodi M says:

Thank you so much for doing these experiments. It will save me so much time in the long run! My 5 month old has very bad skin problems when I eat nuts and seeds but I know she needs a good amount of fat so I didn't really know what I could eat besides just avocados and some coconut. What can I use if I don't have a pressure cooker?

Raffi Devlatian says:

where is the article

Raffi Devlatian says:

how much baking soda am i suppose to put in the soaking water ?
and is it ok to keep shia seeds for 24 hours in the water and the added baking soda ? wont it lose its nutritional contents ?

Alexandre Ferreira says:

wont the cooking make those foods super unhealthy given their fat content (oxidation)? thanks

IAmSuperPerfect says:

What about almonds? I am told by some vegans like the LifeRegenerator, that almonds are king.

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