Chronic Prostatitis And Candida

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Thanks for joining my video. I’ve had quite a few YouTube requests for some more videos on Balanitis and Prostatitis. Prostatitis is something I’ve seen now for a long time in a lot of my male patients. It’s actually quite a serious problem, and I think a lot of doctors and urologists underplay prostatitis in terms of the connection with a yeast infection. Many of them, in fact, don’t even believe that males can have a yeast infection in the prostate, which I find quite hard to believe.
If you’ve had recurrent antibiotics like many different rounds of antibiotics. If you’ve had many visits to the urologist and basically nothing comes up or the urologist is sick and tired of seeing you or keeps giving you different drugs and you’re not getting your resolution. Or if you’ve got some of these signs and symptoms that I’m about to read out to you, there’s a big chance that you could well have a serious prostatic problem in terms of Candida.
Some of these problems here, I’m just going to read them out to you. Pain on or difficulty with urination, blood in the urine, joint pain often moving from joint to joint, unexplained skin rashes, increased food intolerances or allergies, poor sleeping, dry irritated eyes, reduced amount of urine, problems with ejaculation, painful ejaculation, ejaculating where there’s blood in the semen, having no interest in sex or pleasure in sex anymore. This is common also in prostatitis. Pain down the sides of the legs. There will be pain down here or around the ball sac, pardon the expression, around the testicle area. There could be pain around there or the perineal area. Often a low-grade chronic pain or a dull pain can be signs of prostatitis. Always catching colds or flus. Blurry vision.
These are typical signs of Candida aren’t they. Binge eating on sweet foods. Liking beer and pizza. Lots of guys like beer, for example. Beer is the worst kind of stuff for you to drink when you’ve got prostatitis. I’ve got a good friend of mine who loves drinking beer. He’s an electrician friend of mine. He loves beer and he’s got a prostate problem, which he’s had for many years. And I know that if he doesn’t drink beer, if he switches over to vodka or gin, he has less problem with his prostate than if he drinks plenty of beer. But any alcohol consumption is not a good idea with a yeast infection.
As I mentioned, reduced sexual desire, bronchial cough, asthma, problems with sinus, nosebleeds, palpitations, irritable bowel, cold hands, cold feet, sugar cravings, panic attacks, headaches, the list goes on and on and on. There are so many different signs and symptoms of chronic prostatitis.
What do you do if you’ve got chronic prostatitis? Well, if your doctor is giving you no joy at all, and the urologist is looking at you like you’re talking some kind of a weird language; it’s time for you to have a good think about your case history yourself. Do you have a past history of taking antibiotics? Have you been doctor hopping from one doctor or naturopath to another without any result? Do you have all these concomitant symptoms? By concomitant, I mean do you have all these extra symptoms apart from that pain, burping, bloating, farting, sugar cravings, sleeping problems, sweating. All these sorts of things could be pointing toward prostatitis.
What I want you to do is take my yeast infection quiz. Please go to my quiz. You’ll find this on Do the quiz, find out if you’re mild, moderate or severe, and then do my program. You don’t have to get my book if you can’t afford it, but you’re going to get a lot of benefit from it. Go to and have a good look at a lot of the articles I’ve written just for you guys on prostatitis.
The big thing is the diet and the lifestyle change. You just have to make these changes. I’ve seen many patients with chronic prostatitis overcome this problem by making the change. You make the change, the change will occur, so it’s really up to you. But don’t despair. Just because you’ve been told that nothing can be done for you, it doesn’t mean to say that you need to take this kind of crappy advice. There’s always something that can be done.
Thanks for tuning in.


Candida Crusher says:

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C L says:

So what do we do what do we take? I've been suffering with this for 15 years. I know it's candida related. After 15 years you start to figure things out even if no doctor will believe it. Please give me the answer. The person who knows how to solve this problem will be written into my will.

Austin M says:

Can this be fully cured?

pruthvi netheti says:

sir i have chronic right perineum pain next to scrotum extending to right leg just after ejaculation.It will be there for few hours after ejaculation.

Edward Buckley says:

I have trouble urinating, with frequent stops and starts, and severe headaches before ejaculation……is this something related to Prostatitis? Thanks

cpps doctor says:

Being an allopathic doctor an observation need to be mentioned here. Once I had a meeting with a friend whose friend had gone through extensive urology consultation and was diagnosed to have chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Across the table we had a detailed medical discussion about the medical history of that person. This patient took all treatment modern allopathic medicine has to offer but had no improvement. He had suffered for more than one year with this illness.
He had the chance to meet a yoga teacher at an institution where he explained his problems. The yoga teacher after listening to his problems concluded that the illness is due to weakening of the yoga Chakras of the patient’s body. The reason for this was unnatural ejaculation and sexual acts which he explained as any one of the following
• Excessive masturbation (which was true in this patient’s case). By excessive means more than the rate at which body can produce new sperm.
• Anal sex
• Oral sex
• Homosexual activity

The yoga teacher mentioned that due to unnatural ejaculation and sexual acts the patient has lost his masculinity which led to weakening of his yoga Chakras. This situation has resulted in his illness.
The patient was given orders to practice light yoga exercises (light yogic exercises only) in morning after taking a brisk walk. This walk should be taken strictly during the time period of half hour before sunrise (never after sunrise) for some distance (upto a couple of miles depending upon the stamina).This regular walk allows the body to absorb the solar energy from the early dawn (early dawn only) in order to boost up the Yoga Chakras as sun is one among the best sources of energy for human body. At the same time it is to be considered due to the present physical condition body cannot be exposed to full sun light (other than that of early dawn and late evening) as it may be harmful to the body since the yoga Chakras are weakened.
Strict disciplinary lifestyle and diet was ordered which consisted of the following
• no alcohol in any form
• no narcotics/illicit drugs
• no tobacco use
• pure vegetarian diet(no meat, no fish, no eggs, no mushrooms)
• diet comprising of good vegetarian proteins and food that boosted sperm production like moringa, drumstick etc
• 5-6 litres of water per day which was lowered to normal quantities after recovery.
• celibacy is advisable during recovery
• Direct exposure to sunlight (except during the morning walk) to be avoided. An black umbrella was advised in an situation where walking in bright sunlight was essential
• Sleep 2 hours extra than normal at night till recovery as it is compulsory. Never sleep during day time. Sleep at night should never be skipped or decreased as yogic chakras are rejuvenated during night’s sleep.
• During the feverish time it is advisable to take tea with milk as tea has medical ingredients to keep the severity of illness down and milk will make the medicine light and will avoid constipation as for some patients constipation is also seen during the sick period.
• Take more fruits & lemon and food articles containing a lot of proteins

The patient was very regular at exercises and strictly followed the aforementioned lifestyle and diet. In four months he regained his full health. The yoga teacher further mentioned that following the aforementioned lifestyle with restricted sexual practice and diet for the rest of his life is the only way to retain his health. He also advised the patient to strictly avoid the aforementioned unnatural ejaculation and sexual acts in the future.
The yoga teacher was of the opinion that for those who has done adequate treatment according to modern medicine but still not cured, consultation with a yoga teacher and practicing exercises as well as morning brisk walk to rejuvenate the yogic chakras along with the aforementioned lifestyle and diet can be the only solution to this illness. Yogic exercises to rejuvenate the yoga Chakras can be learned from any yoga teacher but the patient’s yoga teacher who successfully treated him always had extra emphasis in following the aforementioned lifestyle and diet throughout life.
This patient summarised to my friend about his treatment routine instructed by the yoga teacher as follows
• Taking light Yogic exercises after letting the body absorbing the solar energy from dawn while taking brisk morning walk in order to rejuvenate the yoga Chakras.
• Practicing the aforementioned lifestyle and diet throughout life.
• Avoiding unnatural ejaculation and sexual acts which is mentioned above strictly throughout life.
Now I have lost the contact with my friend and this patient. So I am not in a position to respond to any enquiry or question with respect to this disease. Hence I will not be checking into this forum again or respond to any question or enquiry.

MegaXtc11 says:

Hello Doctor, I've taken your online test and came up with mild probability of candida. I had unprotected anal sex with a woman, after 1 week started feeling itching on the penis, then pressure in the perineum, first urologist prescribed me Azithromycin for 3 days, then Levofloxacin for 2 weeks and Cardura XL (Doxazosine), no progress, then also got small red dots on the penis gland, put some clotrimazole cream and dissapeared. Then went to second urologist, prescribed me Bactrim F for 4 weeks and Prosgutt (Serenoa Repens Urtica dioica,, I'm into week 2, called the doctor and asked me to do a semen cultive to figure out exactly why bacteria I have. What do you think of the treatment so far, could I've picked a yeast infection? Also had a condom slippage when having vaginal sex.

Zach Buck says:

Hi Eric! I've been having a complex time with what i think is candida and I'd love your opinion if you don't mind. Im 25, and about six months ago I was diagnosed with balanitis, and chronic prostatitis about three months ago, coupled with a UTI a month or so ago. throughout the last three months ive been on about six weeks of antibiotics and of course every time i go off the symptoms get worse. the prostatitis has the whole time been accompanied by mild gas, pain and bubbling near the appendix, rash on the penis and testicles, and now after coming off the antibiotics increases in the pain around my prostate and in my testicles. i've been treating the rashes with topical coconut oil, and also gone on an antifungal diet. It sounds like this is candida right? What is my likely timeline for prostate recovery if I stick to the diet and use Canxida? any helpful tips for dealing with candida-caused prostatitis? Thank you so much!

Brandon Imiolo says:

Is your candida diet safe for someone who has type one diabetes? I was recently diagnosed with prostatitis and given 2 months of cipro. A month in and I'm feeling worse than before. I've had recurrent fungal infections due to my diabetes and i believe that this too is a fungal infection. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to clear this up but i also want to make sure I'm not going to compromise my diabetes. Thanks in advance!

Avner Chaim says:

I have candida too, pain after urination likely the prostate? I felt better after taking some saw palmetto.

David Lincoln says:

Is it ok to take Alpha Blockers WITHOUT antibiotics to deal with Symptons without affecting Gut Health and Flora?

David Lincoln says:

Is it possible for Blastocystis hominis to live in the Bladder, Prostate… Urinary Tract and cause symptoms of Chronic Prostatitis Intersitial cystitus? Secondly, I assume beer should in particularly be avoided with these symptons either way?

David Lincoln says:

Do you ever visit England? Or can you reccomend any doctors like yourself in the UK?

David Lincoln says:

Hello again Mr. Candida Crusher I am very interested in your CandiXa Probiotics product, would it be possible to ship to Brazil?

mrshyboi1 says:

question for almost 2 months now i have had pain when ejaculating and also i feel a pain on one of my testicles. i have been tested by doctors and their is no infection in my urine but i have to go pee a lot often i do have lower back pain and pains around the sides of my hip. what do you think it could be? i had ultra sounds done on my testicles and no tumors but i was told i have epydimitis and took medicine for it but i still feel pain.

Landon Ellison says:

So I've been experiencing some classic symptoms of Prostatsis for around 2 1/2 or 3 months. The day before the sudden onset of this symptoms I ate like 10 doughnuts and later that night a bunch of pizza. So after lots of research and being told by my urologist I basically have nothing wrong. I went to the web and found out about prostatis. Nearly ever single thing matched. Recently I stumbled open this "Candida Prostatsis" so after view your video I decided to cut out the oatmeal and sweets that I basically have on a daily basis. Today was one of the best days I've had in a longgggg time in terms of Prostatsis symptoms. Not totally gone but way better. However I now I found myself with a dull headache and dizzy spells. It overwhelmed me as I crazed sugar so I had to eat a few different snacks with the dizzy after that going away but still having the headache. HOW am I supposed to deal with this!!? Damned if I do damned if I don't :((( help

rr po says:

I have 2 questions and great thanks if you can answer them? 1, can vaccinations cause a chronic over growth of yeast in the human body? 2, if one controls or converts Candida back to its original form (YEAST) in the body can the prostate still have Candida proliferating inside of it?

Amit Bhardwaj says:

I've had recurring bouts of athlete's foot , jock
itch and flatulence since 2006; but in the last week I had this red itchy patch of skin directly over the bladder or prostate gland area; I also have frequent urination – a doctor 2 years ago, wanted me to get an ultrasound on my prostate gland, but I never went through with it, fearing that a prostate cancer diagnosis would overwhelm me. Very interested about the occurrence of candida AND prostatitis and if I have both of these in myself?

Ellie Play says:

I went in today and had a routine Prostate Exam, They poked arond there for a while and I didn't have any inflammation or pain. Does that mean I dont have this?

Enrique Plazola says:

any more tips you could give me?

Enrique Plazola says:

Thanks for the Video.

I felt a slight pain on the head of my penis. And a swollen foreskin. I honestly felt I had ballantitis. THey have me 10 days of antibiotics, and some diflucan. I took both, I felt the problem got a bit better, but didnt go away.

Eventually, I started feeling occasional pains in my inner legs and butt and penis. And eventually, I started getting SUPER gassy with anything I ate.

SO, that made me start taking 2 showers a day, and got a chlorine filter. I started following the candida diet of yours. I'm on phase 2.  As of now, my stomach feels much better, the pains are all much less, but not 100 percent gone. I'm going to start eating 3 cloves of garlic a day. I've been following the candida diet of yours to a T.

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