5 Reasons People with RH Negative Blood are Different #MKultra #nephilim

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What is strange about the blood type RH Negative? And is there a secret eugenics program?


Yaakov Reed says:

We don't have a "monkey" gene. Rh was named because the protein was discover by a Dr. don't laugh Dr. Weiner. So we don't have an Antigen FROM a monkey. Your the type of people they make fun of and are used to discredit this line of research.

Susan Lindsay says:

Check out "GARDEN OF TRUTH AND LIES" of face book ,?amazing information on blood line.?

Susan Lindsay says:

RH – Negative Blood line is the True creators blood line . A- was Adam, B- Eve, Able.ab-, Cain O-, The famous Shroud From our Savior IS ….AB- negative, This is
why they don't research it and put out negative information on negative blood types. All the Presidents And Royalty ALWAYS SAY THEIR NEGATIVE BLOOD TYPE.. HA LOL, NEGATIVE BLOOD kills off breeding ( pregnancy) with positive +

Shell Nel02 says:

I am A- and I don't agree with any of this bs, especially the part about rh- blood types not being able to have children with rh+ blood types. Yes your body tries to fight the child aggressively as if he/she were the flu but your body doesn't start noticing and trying to fight it off until close to birth. That's why you have to get a Rogham shot to prevent this from happening. Also, you have to be given a last round of this medicine right after you give birth(or leave the hospital) or else you will never be able to carry another child full term; it will only end in a miscarriage every time. There really needs to be more awareness made of this issue.

Phoneti physix says:

I'll just B-POSITIVE.

Angela Day says:

I have all these signs.. Except I'm A+ blood…maybe I the wild card? 😉

Shiwanokia says:

RH Neg are those who have not inherited the genetic manipulation done by the fallen angels.

Nona says:

I'm O neg, don't have food allergies. Most of the other things though. All the Negs I know are very empathetic and are all into exposing corruption or some kind of activism. They tend be Nurses or some kind of healers as well. Most have had a lot of either paranormal experiences or are fascinated. It is interesting.

nora herring says:

Im rh negative and people say im different or they im a weirdo I dont see it however I view life different then others it seems people think that makes me different im not to smart though lol

Jeffrey Morris says:

Im rh neg, 36 yrsold never any wisdom teeth

Lisa Greenhalgh says:

I'm rh negative blood type and I had my wisdom teeth extracted I don't know where you this info from but we still get wisdom teeth

Brandon Cooney says:

The video starts at 1:41 & as I watch this video, it has 4k likes & 444 dislikes, & that's a synchronicity for me. I have visions of exactly how to destroy all evil in the world and save the planet, but I'm not 100% sure I'm an RH negative. However I feel like it may be impossible to save this planet & I hope it crashes and burns.

Kris Knight says:

I am O-. I have red hair and green eyes…and a rare one that can actually tan. I have a low normal blood pressure, always cold, had wisdom teeth removed in teen years. I have introvert personality and find myself very different than most of society. Money, status and belongings do no matter much to me. I can "see into" people and I find I make a lot of people uncomfortable unless they are "real" and comfortable with who they are. I have always been excellent at problem solving and have been blessed with mental strength. I don't fear anything (no animals, heights, clowns, etc). I have a strange understanding with animals that I think is rare as well. I definitely feel like I don't belong here. I am a Christian.

Kelly Johnston says:

what a bunch of crap be really nice to know what studies were taken for him to say that R H negative people have more mental illness Prove it

Jamss Russell says:

I have rh- blood and my behavior at times is really strange

Jessica Dailey says:

I'm o- but I have brown eyes and brown hair .I don't have any food allergies.I do suffer from anxiety and depression.. I did grow wisdom teeth but I had to have them pulled.. I'm a loner im cool with just hanging with my husband and my kids .I don't like crowd's ,clubs,etc.

Jack Schwartz says:

Having Rh- blood type does NOT mean you have genetic material from a Rhesus monkey. The Rh factor was first discovered in Rhesus monkeys thus labelled Rh Factor. Please take the time to understand what you are talking about before you attempt to 'inform' people about something.

Lynne Christiansen says:

RH- women who are pregnant by an RH+ father are given Rhogam to prevent adverse affects on the baby. I am RH- and have 3 kids whose father is +. None of them have any defects, and they are now adults. Lots interesting ideas here but I find it hard trust considering your first example is absolutely not true. even before Rhogam, + and – could have children but there was risk of defects. The Rhogam solution was discovered decades ago. Note: yeah I probably misspelled it.

The Unsalted says:

Yeah. I am RH negative and had to have Rogam shots with all four of my babies because my ex was O positive.

Annie Richards says:

Why has America kept blood types secret? Most men I have asked over the years always claim to be RH-. I now think they thought I was asking if they had a disease, thus they said negative.

Annie Richards says:

When I was in 7th grade we were tested. RH- was not rare! The RH+ was rare. So I am confused. AB-

UncleVinny's says:

Very interesting: Thanks. I have written a paper on this subject. See:

Wtf Really says:

Its the delta 32 gene which I have which makes it impossible to get hiv. I am o negative just found this shit out and its oretty crazy almost guarantees that shit is man made.

Bellair Whitch says:

I am Lucifer I am rH negative:)

Favour Kapp says:

I am rh negative and I am normal

Lightening Angel says:

you know there are no aliens…you maybe a nephil. there is evidence to suggest this but let's ignore that. right..aliens.

Michelle Campbell says:

O negative female. Paranormal/ufo experiences. Impacted wisdom teeth. Never have felt like I belonged anywhere. Very vivid dreams, but now I wonder if they're really DNA memories. Consecutive numbers seen on daily basis that are never coincidence.

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