The RH Negative Blood Type: Rejecting the Mark of the Beast

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Was the RH negative blood type rejecting the verichip?


faniefaze says:

O neg are the humans, the rest are from ET's. Why change everything back to front ?

Lady Court Tales says:

O- and prefer to be alone. Most are so shallow to me and untrustworthy. But ironically, I get along with most acquaintance wise.

A Rose for Tes says:

I am O- Rh-. I can't wear a watch. They always stop working. Any time I've been hospitalized and had an IV in I would have a fever and usually wouldn't let me go home. I figured out if they took the IV out my fever went away within 10 minutes. Always had low grade temperature and get chills easily in my younger days. I've always been sensitive to heat. Sensitive to emotions of others. A lot of dreams that I know if a family member gets ill or something in their life is about to change before it happens. Passed family members tell me things in my sleep. My grandmother foot of bed would lift up off the floor and shake 3 nights in a row before a family member would pass. Ancestor of ours was burned at the stake. One of the 7 witches of Salem. Creepy! So yeah all Rh- . Many other things but that's enough for now lol. ❤

Darrell John says:

I personally believe rh- comes from the Chaldeans and the Levite tribe were O- that is why they had to marry within their tribe to keep the O- priests who tended the ark the most powerful electrical device ever created.

TexasPsychoK says:

You silly goy must be (((chipped!)))

Jessica Law says:

No matter your blood type we can all be saved through Christ blood. Yes rh neg blood is the holy bloodline and you will go to God when you pass from this body sense you are part of the chosen few. However you are punished greater than all because you are to follow our lords ways or you will be punished greater for you were made to be a prophet and you know better than to do wrong. Therefore it may seem like you are better than all when it all weighs out to be equal in the end. There is so much I could reveal to all but I have not got enough space or time to get into it all. Just know this when the world finds out you are different than all the population you will die like Christ did out of others fear and envy of you. The world will eventually hate us for our blood. This was and is a secret the government has tried to hide for a long time as our bible was re written hiding the truth about this bloodline. Every story in it is talking about preserving the bloodline we just don't know how to interpret it correctly. Its all coming out soon so be watchful and just know Jesus went through the same thing as people knew he was different as well.

Wendy Mcclain says:

Thank you so much for SHARING! This is the first video that hasn't scared me because I am RH-, so many others are saying it is a bad thing!

Angel Bulldog says:

O neg here. When I was a kid (when dinosaurs roamed the earth and color TV was new), I could drain all the color from the TV just by walking past it. Happened every time. Now I know why. O negs are night owls, have many sensitivities, lower body temp, higher blood pressure…I fit the pattern so well. As has been pointed out, our blood is based on copper (I snack on cashews–a good source). We also CANNOT be cloned! According to, my bloodline can be traced back 2000 years–no small feat for an American. Anna the prophetess, a cousin of Mary, the mother of Jesus, was my 70th great-grandmother. I suppose that makes me a blood relative–however far removed–of my Savior. What an honor for a lowly nobody such as I. I've never donated blood and felt rather guilty for it, but now I know the Red Cross is keeping tabs on us. Isn't it miraculous how my Father protects me? I'm on nobody's "list". I've always been "out of the box and under the radar". That's my comfort zone.

robert valderaz says:

We are immune to certain diseases, mental and physical abilities. Never been sick a day in my 62 yrs. of my life.

robert valderaz says:

We can make shit happen so beware when yo piss off a neg.

HIFI man says:

The fallen angels were with Yahushua in Heaven, before they got kicked out of the Third Heaven. That is why both the demons and the Son of YHWH are not of this world. 🙂

Dana Marie Cain says:

Greetings, human family.  My name is Dana Marie Cain,  and it is with grave concern and humility that i come before you, seeking your assistance. 

My story is long, and very complicated.  Due to the many powerful people involved and the scandal, every effort has been made through the years to prevent me from learning the truth, as it was always assumed that should I learn my true identity I would be unafraid to speak up.

And of course,  my handlers were absolutely correct.  I am horrified and furious and fully intend to expose those responsible and see that justice is served, for Justice has been imprisoned and starved in the name of science by mad men and soulless tyrants bent on world domination. 

Please see my YouTube channel for more indepth testimony.  I have two but my name and avatar are the same.   I am certain you will find my tale as fascinating as it is horrifying.   But it is also inspiring,  for it has given many the courage to speak up and speak out and in this way we are surely winning the war for humanity's independence from our oppressors, and I humbly beseech you to join the cause and celebrate with us the victory over evil and the restoration of peace on earth at last.

There are at this time human/alien hybrids among us created using  blood and tissue stolen from me and my mother.

My mother lost a child In 1972, but I believe that child was either born alive or that his remains were appropriated by the US military to use In their illegal, cold war super solider program. As a result,  I was targeted my whole life, and the controversy surrounding my mother's birth in 1947 leads me to believe that she could be the result of Nazi experiements to create the perfect woman to create Hitler's Master Race.

I have since learned that my bloodline is considered the Holy Grail, being traced to the antidiluvian race chosen to survive the flood.  I am of the tribe of Dan and in possession of a particular strain of negative RH blood believed by Nazi scientists capable of nurturing human hybrids possessing super human strength, enhanced psychic abilities,  increased immunity to death and disease and an ability to recover from illness and injury without long term damage or effects.

In 1986, when I was 16,  I suffered a miscarriage as the result of a rape at the hands of a close blood relative.  The brother of my mother.   I was too afraid to admit to the rape for fear I would be blamed, so I lied about the cause   Due to heavy bleeding I was taken by my mother to Ben Taub Hospital in Houston Texas where emergency room doctors collected samples of fetal tissue and blood. I have reason to suspect that this genetic material was appropriated by the military and used in their experiments. I have reason to believe that there are young men Among Us who were bred using my genetic material and my mother's genetic material, and if they were mixed with some sort of alien blood or seed it is entirely possible that these mad scientists are trying recreate the nephillim of Genesis.  The giants and demi gods who brought the world to destruction by the Flood.

However, if this is true, as insane as it sounds,  I am essentially their mother.  And I am the only one who can stop them.  They will hear me.  They will obey me.  Mother is the name of God on the lips and hearts of her children.  I'm posting this appeal far and wide while inviting all who would come with an open mind and heart to view and, if the Spirit moves, share my videos in the hopes of reaching as many as possible so that we can halt these atrocities and save our children from being sacrificed to the greatest threat mankind has ever faced. 

I have reason to believe that myself and my mother have been used for the purpose of fulfilling the plot of Rosemary's baby, and if that is the case then it is of the utmost IMPORTANCE that my story be circulated as far and as quickly as possible.   If anyone can bring the Son of Satan to repentance, it's his mother. 

I may well be humanity's only hope at this point, as terrifying as that may be.  So please,  hear me out and pray for wisdom, guidance ,  and mercy for yourselves, for me, and for the task ahead.   I know the risk is great and the task seemingly impossible, but I have witnessed the hand of God perform the impossible with ease too many times to doubt the Power of Love to save.  If Love can heal the sick, feed the hungry, make the lame to walk, the blind to see and even raise the dead, surely Love can save a confused and lost generation in want of a Mother's firm but gentle hand.  I must believe it to be true, for I am a mother and I have seen for myself what grace can do. 

Thank you and God bless.  May love be your portion and wisdom your guide.

Paul Ward says:

miry clay, daniels statue, a mix of two metals. is AB negative a mix of two metals?

Nemesis1ism says:

To interfere with electronics is a poor usage of your abilities better it is to enhance electronics not degrading it . Such foolishness. If your under attack by all means use your gift. These so called gifts should only be used for good or defense of self and others. Least you be found wanting.

hongry life says:

Verichip from Verizon? This sudden new YouTube layout that started an hour ago is also typical Verizon

hashtags says:

my Mom had RH Neg type O #BadBlood

Maryann Davey says:

Soul there's a certain race with a target on their backs! Let me guess the HUMANS?

Nancy Goodenow says:

I am 77 and I find other than some instances of mind blank, my mind is very sharp and can research and find information quickly on the computer. It is when I go into overload sometimes everything goes blank for a few minutes. Most people I meet near my age do not work with computers much. I am no expert, but I can research well. I also do not sound my age on the phone, always getting the reaction of surprise when someone learns my age. My daughter who is O neg. does not look her age at all. I am seeing more wrinkles, but oh well….I love the planet and I hate what man is doing to it and the animals here. I feel very close to the ocean, it has always held great interest for me, even as school age, I picked books about exploring the ocean and its creatures. Of course I am also a Cancer!

favio gonzalez says:

soy 0 rh negativo y soy solitario miro el cielo y siempre crei que era diferente creo que todos los negativos somo iguales en este sentimiento.

Kiki Guti says:

I am A- and find this video very interesting and all but I would like to see a more in depth video created about the different facts about rh negative blood instead of a short clip from a tv show please.

Cynthia Weller says:

conspiracy theory much?…. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Samuel says:

1:00 Tell me about it. I melted my motherboard. There is massive warping around the CPU toward the back tower. Apparently when i was playing GTA 5 and a little pissed off. I can not carry a cell phone because the batteries keep dying after an hour of just carrying one.

Patty Davis says:

I to am a Rh B- femsle, who is always looking up at the heavens and thinking, this world us not my home, sometimes I can think of something and the person I am with will say it, or vice versa, I know sometimes when things are going to happen, and they come true. I a born again Christian, I live and obey Jesus, He is my life. I do think Rh negative people have a special since about them.

thejasonbischoff says:

Anyone have any thoughts on vaccines? Might they be targeting certain people?

thejasonbischoff says:

Ok. Could have been more in depth.


im a neg, i just stummbled on this omg

LibbyJones777 says:

Where did Perry Stone get that information that the chip was being fixed so certain blood types would accept it? I don't believe anything where they will not tell where their information comes from.

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