10 of the Wackiest Allergies Ever

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The human body works in mysterious ways. Some people don’t have any allergies, others have many allergies. Today we are looking at the strangest allergies that some people have.

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Wackiest Allergies
We can’t always control our body’s reactions, and sometimes they respond badly to the strangest things. Coming up… animal products, hobby parts, the basic elements of life, and more. Join us as we take a look at some of the wackiest allergies ever recorded!

It’s possible for your life to be inconvenienced by an allergy, and sometimes it can really make things awkward in the bedroom.

Dietary restrictions are becoming more and more common, and while many of these are due to lifestyle changes and conscious effort, there is a growing number of food allergies as well.

Female Hormones
Ladies, let’s face it: getting your period isn’t always a joy.

While it might seem hard to live without the ability to eat cheese, or beef… what would happen if you were allergic to one of the most necessary elements in human life?

Let’s face it, when the weather gets bad, sometimes we don’t react the way we hope to. We come up with excuses to stay inside, or complain about the temperature when we venture outdoors.

There are a number of things that we need in order to survive, and many of them seem pretty benign. Take salt.

Fish Bait
Having hobbies and recreation routines is an important way to stay content and happy during retirement, or just on a weekend.

As mentioned before, food allergies are incredibly common in the world today, and there are many people who suffer from soybeans.

In your fridge and cupboards, there may well be articles of food that are old enough to be tossed or composted, but some can live longer than others, beyond their expiration date.

Our bodies are sometimes beyond our control, but can also be beyond our understanding. Grace Morley is a child who suffers from one of the rarest allergies ever discovered.

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Illaoi says:

See men, you are allergic

Missy Gillette says:

I'm highly alergic to most resin (tree sap) / Rosen (hard substance made from resin and placed on bows in order to play string instruments). I am also alergic to bar soap and Shea Butter.

Trapchupi 187 says:

I allergic to popcorn

Sarah Walton says:

One of my best friends is allergic to cold. She can't go swimming and needs to drink from an insulated glass.

reggiep75 says:

A number of food related allergies are caused by the shit put into the soil the food is grown in or other crap like pesticides and fungicides.

Years ago, before they started using byproducts from the crude oil trade into and around our food, people had nothing to worry about and now they don't know what will or won't kill them!

Sissy Lanyon says:

I am Deathly allergic to apples when Birch and Beech are pollinating and now apple's relative pear has decided that it doesn't like me anymore either, though Constant exposure from apples hiding in Most fruit juices and other products as filler and "natural flavor" that even when it's the dead of winter I have bad reactions from touching something that someone who ate an apple without washing their hands touched, it has happened from me just opening a door. I have also produced a peanut and pineapple allergy as well recently. The pineapple felt like Millions of long spines stabbing me in my mouth and throat, that damn fresh pineapple was so sweet and juicy and then it caused SO Much Pain and Itching it wasn't fair. Everything I love as food ends up turning on me and trying to kill me….

Lorenzo plays everything says:

Im allergic to pumpkin seeds.

Keeper507 says:

Thumbnail is wrong… that’s not alergies, that’s HERPES…

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