Homeopathy or Allopathy for nose allergy ( Allergic rhinitis ) ?

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Allergic rhinitis (Nose Allergy) is an inflammation of the nasal membranes characterized by sneezing, nasal congestion, nasal itching, and running nose .

Signs and symptoms of Nose allergy :

Itching: Nose, eyes, ears, palate
Running nose
Post-nasal drip
Nose Congestion
decrease smell
Red eyes , watering & swelling

Complications of Nose allergy :

Acute or chronic sinusitis
Ear infection
difficulty in breathing
Dental problems
Palatal abnormalities
Eustachian tube blockage

Nasal features of Nose allergy :

Horizontal Nasal crease: caused by repeated upward rubbing of the tip of the nose by the palm of the hand
Thin, watery nasal secretions
Deviation of the nasal septum

Ears: Retraction of the tympanic membrane
Eyes: swelling of the palpebral conjunctivae, with excess tear production; prominent creases below the inferior eyelid and dark circles around the eyes .
Oropharynx: streaks of lymphoid tissue on the posterior pharynx; tonsillar hypertrophy; and malocclusion (overbite) and a high-arched palate.

Now a days , many patients coming with relapse which on Homeopathy treatment since 1-5 years with complications like bacterial or fungal sinusitis , ear blockage -pain-infection & breathing difficulty .
Both Homeopathy or Allopathy keep nose allergy under control but once treatment stop symptoms & signs reappears .
You will need regular Ear , Nose & Throat examination to early diagnose complication & treatment .
Locally acting anti-allergy nasal spray not only keep allergy under control but also decrease nasal mucosal allergic changes & prevent further complications.

This video show nose endoscopy of young lady suffering from nose allergy since more than 5 years , she is on Homeopathy treatment for allergy since last 3 years with control . But now Homeopathy treatment not helping her , since nose allergy gone into complication like sinusitis & nasal turbinates hypertrophy .
She now complain of difficulty in breathing & difficult to sleep in night , continues sneezing , post nasal drip & headache .


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