SML Short: Bowser Junior’s Allergy!

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Bowser Junior is allergic to something!

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ExpandedDust 623 says:

I’m allergic to not watching sml

Plushie Apocalypse says:

I'm allergic to chef pee pee's cooking

hghgh hfhghhnbhv says:

the worst thing will be liking bowser junior videos

Fortino Negrete says:

My favorite sml character is Jeffy uh

Classic Sonic says:

Sml idea: Jeffy the killer

Graeme Dott says:

SML IDEA: juniors hair cut!

Cool Dude says:

Idea for video. Cody comes over for dinner. Chief pee pee made dinner but cut him self in the eye. So he uses Ken in his dinner becuase he can not see. So Cody trys to get revenge.

XYZ Mapper says:

The subtitles got kinda lazy

Evan world says:

didnt jr have a pool party 3 years ago

Griffin Metz says:

Allergic to watching sml (I can’t resist it)

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