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Today was definitely more laid back compared to the rest of this past week. I was able to get a little shopping done. The kids had fun hanging out with friends. My allergies are definitely starting to take over though.


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Claudia Lemon says:

Loved your face when Mark said "It's like Hobby Lobby." Haha!

christa garrett says:

I feel the same way about Big Lots it is just overpriced!

Lindsey Smith says:

I cringed at the shoes on the counter, I could hear my mothers voice saying 'it's bad luck to put new shoes on the counter!'

Angels Haven says:

GOTTA A STORY TO SHARE W YOU GUYS!!! When my youngest was at tooth losing age and the 1st tooth come out he was sooooo excited! We left the tooth and a note to the tooth fairy under his pillow in an envelope. The next morning he came stumbbling into living room half asleep and i asked him if he checked under his pillow. His eyes gpt real big and he woke up immediately and RAN back to his room and looked under his pillow. He came back into the living room and shouted MOM SHE LEFT ME A DOLLAR, IS THAT ALL I GET!…..I LAUGHED SO HARD I CRIED. It was the cutest thing!

Lisa Money says:

What do you take for your headaches?

Lisa Money says:

It's Lisa, hi! I love your videos! You have such a nice family! You make me feel like I'm part of your family! I hope your headache goes away and you feel better! You and your husband are always smiling and laughing and that makes me feel good when I see others happy!

Missy H says:

Big lots doesn't do it for me either!

Missy H says:

San Pedro at Thousand Oaks nice Big lots by DT

Missy H says: didn't add..

Katelyn Ross says:

I still can't believe you guys are not receiving your five newspapers!

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