A Shih Tzu has skin diseases and multiple skin warts 1/4

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Skin diseases, multiple warts and chronic ear infections in an old Shih Tzu. Monthly reviews are important but few owners comply. The dog keeps scratching his ears and body damaging more skin, leading to extensive skin diseases.

A large elbow wart was excised a few weeks ago, but there are other multiple skin warts which the owner hesitated to get them excised owing to worries about anaesthetic deaths. Smaller warts are easier to excise by electrosurgery and need not be stitched..


Kelly Hicks says:

did anyone besides me see the three black parasites (worm or a filament of Morgellon's) standing straight up thru the skin of that little dogs left arm? rewind to 3:15 min. I SAW THEM RETREAT BACK INTO THE SKIN!!!!!

Lazar Kostic says:

here's several ideas for relieving warts quickly
Make sure you eat enough fruit and vegetables.
Make sure you have enough vitamin C
Use herbs which cleanse the liver eg burdock root
Use herbs with infection fighting properties such as myrrh and burdock and others including garlic
(I read these and why they work from alayziah wart treatment site )

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