Dog with a VLOG #2! Rose Reunites / Meeting a Cat / Hide & Seek & Saying Goodbye (FUNnel Vision ☹)

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Rose is back with more vlog action but this time it’s a little different and sad. Yes, we have some fun times playing hide and seek, she reacts to a cat and she reunites with her brother Jack after being separated for more than half a year! But the big news is we had to find another awesome home for Rose. Accepting Rose into our family was a last minute decision that we initially didn’t plan for. we didn’t have time to do the research you’d normally do when getting a dog such as shedding & being hypo allergenic. Dad has pet allergies but was fine with Rose, Chase however was a different story and at first showed symptoms of being allergci but tests came back inconclusive but then after a specialist visit, they’ve determined Chase suffered from allergic reactions to Rose’s “dander”. We wanted to do a more proper goodbye but the kids were so sad, mainly Mike, we didn’t want to be unfair to them by having cameras in their face while they were so upset. We also found an awesome family for her and we didn’t want to take too long and miss the opportunity of losing the family’s interest on top of not wanting Shawn to become exposed to allergens of a non-hypo-allergenic dog. But this may not be the last Dog with a Vlog because in the future, we may look into getting a hypo allergenic dog with research so this doesn’t happen again, we will miss Rose and we know you will too. Thumbs up for Rosie. 🙂

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