Rh Negative Blood & Hypothyroidism

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O Rh negatives have a high occurrence of hypothyroidism.


Kings lynn says:

I am O neg with Hashimotos.

Wendy Wadford says:

I have vitiligo, does it have anything to do with having Rh negative blood

Christnattie II says:

i have this problem with hypothyroid and im o-

Ms. Rugburn says:

What did this video have to do with rh negativity?

DontAsk says:

I'm RH negative o I am very very very allergic to iodine why iswhy am I allergic to the thing that is to be good

isaac3002 says:

I am B- with Hypothyroidsm….

linda linacre says:

odd my sister had this disease and she's not a negative blood at all. She's had the surgery.

pedrojaguar says:

wow! I'm O negative and i have hipotyrod problems

Carrie S says:

I am A-, with Hashimotos…my mom also, and my sister is AB- with Hashimotos. Even my brother has a hypothyroid, but I do not know his blood type…..:(

Alexis Maribel says:

Finnally my thiroide its out ..i fell like new since ..o negative

Rita Stieben says:

Oh, AB-negative blood. ;' )

Rita Stieben says:

I have high thyroid gland lab numbers, meaning that the thyroid is working too hard to make the gland produce the hormone necessary to function properly. Hypothyroidism.
If you have these test results you MUST take the medication prescribed or you can have worse symptoms and other problems. See you doctor. This is not something you don't want to mess with as the thyroid is the," gas pedal" for the body. All this data came from my physician. Please help yourself because no one else can or will.

Eleuterio Garcia says:

"People with type-O blood are said to be genetically prone to hypothyroidism and low levels of iodine. Approximately 46% of people are blood Type-O." It means type O, independently of rh negative or positive.

gertiesears123 says:

Did I miss something?  I saw nothing in this video about RH negative blood and hypothyroidism.

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