Vitamin Toxicity & Tips on Vitamins, Nutrition Info, Health, Disease, Food Safety | The Truth Talks

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Vitamin Toxicity & Tips on Vitamins, Nutrition Info, Health, Disease, Food Safety | The Truth Talks

Psychetruth News Correspondent interviews nutritionist Joseph Strickland about Vitamin deficiency, toxicity, recommended doses, and the powerful health benefits of taking a multi-vitamin.

Visit Joseph Strickland’s website at;

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Cory H. says:

I am shocked this doctor didn't mention vitamin toxicity is very real, even with low dosages, if you have the MTHFR gene mutation, especially Folic acid & vitamin B6. If you have this gene mutation, toxicity of vitamins can and does occur, even from small daily dosages. Vitamin B6 toxicity causes neuromyopathy as well as stroke & heart attack.

Fred Pauser says:

Several errors by this nutritionist. (I'm a certified Nutrition Fitness Coach — but more importantly I've studying nutrition for 19 years and have used it to cure myself of several diseases.)

He supports vitamin supplements derived from "whole food" as opposed to vitamins that are chemically manufactured. But both can be good.

1) Avoid the cheaper multi's, (especially the popular one that begins with the letter "C.") Garbage.
2) The multi's derived from food are generally good. (He mentioned Megafood Multi – a good one. However…
3) But the whole-food derived Multi's are also PROCESSED.  So they would likely not contain much of the "phyotonutrients" either. Which is why we need to eat actual nutritious FOOD in addition to taking supplements.
4) He mentions vitamin C, which he specifically suggests should come from Acerola cherries or oranges in your supplement. Not necessarily!!! Vitamin C is a simple molecule C6H8O6. It is easily manufactured chemically in the laboratory which is identical to the vit C found in fruit (ascorbic acid IS vitamin C — Look up Dr Thomas Levy.)
5) He recommends vitamin A as beta carotene from vegetables such as carrots. One problem with that is studies show that about 60% of the population do not convert beta carotene very efficiently into retinol (which is REAL vitamin A — the form the body can use). He disses synthetic vitamin A which is usually in the form of retinyl palmitate. But I found personally that I do not convert beta carotene very well when I began to have a vision problem. Guess what — retinyl palmitate fixed it.
6) He is correct about the possibility of vitamin D toxicity in amounts too high. Vitamin A can also be toxic in amounts too high. However, A and D taken together tend to cancel out the toxic effects of each other. But blood tests are still recommended.
7) He mentions vit D and calcium. The two taken together can lead to calcified arteries ("hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure) THEREFORE it is very important to also supplement with vitamin K2 which brings the calcium to the bones. (Vitamin D only gets the calcium into the blood, not to the bones.) Calcium should only be supplemented if blood tests indicate the person is low on it.
8) Yes, vitamin E as a synthetic supplement should be AVOIDED. Take E only as natural mixed tocopherols.

I take two multi's every day — one natural, and one mainly synthetic but high quality.

Ronny OnBass says:

What about GMO's??? Bullshit they're the same.


did they record this in a fish bowl?

jutting Forrest says:

for people watching this video. Do you take financial advice from the homeless?

Jimena Saavedra says:

Hi, Im having trouble with the fact that this guy is a nutritionist yet he seems overweight, what are your views on this matter?

Gen Eric says:

I think she stuck a vitamin in her left nostril…….

Hoang Chinh says:

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Nutrition Database says:

@GG Jones 4mg daily is enough. Don't waste money on higher dosages. 

Koolguy713roy says:

I take 100mg vitamin c rose hips supplements on a daily basis

Yasmin hernandez says:

you need vitamin c to help with nose bleeding, I did not know that, thanks

Alejandro Ramos says:

this guy has a bad breathing problem

Alejandro Ramos says:

and he is not only broke but overweight


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Chitra Giri says:

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oli19 says:

Thanks for your rather odd comment. It was a Frankie Boyle vitamin related quote from his book that I found quite funny. But thanks for your comments you tiresome internet hardman.

adam newby says:

iv found that many multi vitamis have more than the RDA a in them 500% of some. that seems odd to me

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