Oil Pulling || All-Natural Remedy For Allergies, Asthma, Migraines, etc

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Are you suffering from asthma or allergies that just won’t let up? Looking for a healthier alternative to help combat migraines/headaches? Or maybe you’re having constant oral health issues like cavities, bad breath or gum infections? Here is an all-natural remedy to help you with all of the above…and then some! The Oil Pulling Method! Watch the video for more information.

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Ms. KAyy says:

My first time seeing one of your video's…i'm only 2min in and I already want to see all your videos lol🙉! New Subbie!!

Nee Nee says:

Thanks definitwlt trying this just a few questions please. Do you use toothpaste and mouthwash after the oil pulling. Is it ok to continue to use these products?

Natasha Jones says:

Wonderful video mami!!! I'm currently exploring the option of oil-pulling. I had a few concerns about this regiment. Does it at all increase the possibility of getting more cavities? or loosening teeth?will the fillings come out? Since I've used a mirana I've noticed that I've been having quite a few issues with my dental health. And I also have a back tooth that has been giving me issues as a teenager. That particular tooth has been retreated with a root canal. It hurts off and on because of the infection beneath the root. My dentist recommended that I have it extracted and either have an implant placed there or get a bridge. So I'm trying to avoid both. I also have allergies too. And I'm hoping that this will help. I don't want all of my teeth to fall out lol

Paloma Hunter says:

I don't really like the nutty taste of coconut oil or the sesame oil is there any other oil that would work?

Olivia Gaines says:

I was told not to deposit oil down the sink or in any drain, but outside. A great way to connect outdoors, sometimes inconvenient but glad I'm aware and can make better decisions. Thanks Hey Fran Hey for the introduction.

Daimyo Lee says:

Thanks for this vid. I've been doing this for a year. Not as regular as I would like but it helps right after a long night of drinking. Helps removes the headache from the hangover and it does whiten the teeth! Perfect.
I'll try sesame and see how it works.

onya reeves says:

I just started oil pulling with refined coconut oil, I know unrefined is better. I am easing my way up to that taste, got to get over the feeling of the oil first. Still makes me gag sometimes. I have periodontal disease, but not dental insurance. I have been doing it about a week now and I notice my gums don't bleed when I brush and the plaque is breaking down on the back of my teeth.

Ms. Kitty says:

what works for dark knees I love my black skin I just want to even out my dark knees

Beza Nebede says:

Thank you, Fran!

michigander man says:

what is the sesame oil to use and after do you brush and floss like normal

James Ford says:

Oil pulling has worked for me, it has eliminated inflammation and given me fresher breath.

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