Benadryl Brain Warning

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CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez reports.


marcus Jamison says:

Was taking this in prison to kill time😱

Alfred Ynda says:

Doctors can't really help with sleep. they just prescribe more drugs!

nr2003man says:

Hey let's keep the dog flea medicine in the same drawer as our medication and keep the medications in the reach of children. "Honey you look different" "Ya I took two benadryl, but I needed something else for a cold so I took something else. I guess it was the dog's frontline because I was soo drowsy from the benadryl I thought it was cold medicine."


Gee if you want to get high and feel good drink a few beers

Cristal Ramos says:

I love Benadril. But I have to s too you sing I get 3 boxes phills. And. When I drink it I star. Filling dizzy and I fell
something on my face I dnt wanna go to the Dr. Cause I been taking them every day.
So I don't know what to do help what should I do for my addiction. For benadryl

Janaya Reiser says:

you don't need this shit to sleep just start smoking weed.

inutero10 says:

A warning tonight : massive hard on likely when you see female anchor.

strizzyl says:

how about just a clean diet instead of that drawer full of shit

Joose Beats says:

I take benadryl everyday to potentiate my oxys and heroin, wish i woulda known i was damaging my brain this whole time…

James Livingston says:

Careful taking one of these and then driving, in the event a stuffy nosed person were to take one benadryl, and not know these things can affect your mind, potentially(not sure if the "do not operate heavy machinery" thing is on there).. I would Highly assume, that if you were pulled over for anything, and the cop wanted to be a dick about "your demeanor", they could pull you in for bloodwork, on suspicion of a DUI. In that highly hypothetical scenario, they could probably(i am not a lawyer, just have some experience in DUIs) charge you with a DUI, as even common OTC meds can be eligible for "impairing" a driver. (one benadryl I doubt would have any Actual effect on a person, maybe if they were super sleep deprived, but people shouldn't be driving if they are that tired to begin with..)

Just throwing that out there, to save a person from a hypothetical situation that might cost them a Lot of $$ and time..

Anomaly88man says:

I hope doxylamine succinate doesn't do that. Doxylamine is a better sleep aid. Diphenhydramine I have been given as a kid all the time, for my bad allergies back then, but I grew out of all my allergies. Before I knew the dangers of diphenhydramine, I was taking it as a sleep aid for years, and it gave me permanent tinnitus. I still sometimes take it, but I like doxylamine much better.

Al Diablo says:

I'm high on benedryl right now..

Steven Apexresidual says:


Calvin25X says:

I'm taking meds with anticholinergic side effects. I have felt my cognitive abilities decline over years but I don't think it's so much the meds but rather normal aging.

Guilt Designator says:

Globalist company dishing out poison and featuring a hijab-wearing islamist in the U.K ad campaign.

:.It's ok To die .: says:

I've took 3 every night for the past 8 years… and my memory is concerningly bad.. I can't believe I just learned this I'm devestated

djmcallister m says:

Hmmm… Sleep schedule is messed up tonight. What's worse, lack of sleep or some Diphenhydramine?

patrick thomas says:

This shit is evil

Nilda Rodriguez says:

I use this when my eye started to itch badly

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