Dr. T’s Ear Infection Massage Method

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Here’s a massage technique you can use to encourage drainage of fluid from the middle ear. It works by massaging the eustacian tube, a tube that connects the ear to the back of the throat


Hope Wiley says:

Thank you so much for sharing this! My son and I both have ear infections and we have meds but needed this technique. Can’t wait to try it!

Peyton Collins says:

I’m pretty tolerant when it comes to pain, but this ear infection has got to me bad the past couple days. This massage technique is helping with the discomfort so much, I can tell my ear feels a little less clogged, but definitely helping with pain and discomfort

Courtney Carberry says:

Does this work on adults too? I have a double ear infection that has made Me lose some hearing. I'm also in a bit of pain.

Kaelyn B says:

Seems like such a nice and reassuring dr! Blessings to him and his practice!!

Zily Huma says:

Thanks to share

7lightcraft says:

Man this just saved the day! Or night I should say. Thanks doctor!

CatastropheGames says:

Wow this is so crazy because I did this 7 times and after the 5th time I felt water drain down my ear and my ear is a lot less clogged, I think it's almost fully unclogged but I'll have to wait a day to tell for sure

Dominick Meade says:

That Dr. is a nice man!! God bless him!!

Mr. McMan says:

I have so much pain. I took oxycodone for the pain and it helps a lot.

Virux Killer says:

OMG.. i tried it and i got my ear opened πŸ˜†πŸ˜† this is amazing.. my ear was clogged for about a week.. it's like magic πŸ™‚ thanks doc πŸ™‚

Virux Killer says:

Doctor.. i am having a feeling of fullness in my right ear and ofcourse less hearing.. but there isnt any kinda pain.. its been a week.. can you tell what could be the reason? Can it be relieved with this kinda massage?

Filion91 says:

I've been suffering from an ear infection and rather painful lymph node swelling for two days. Even using anti-inflammatory ear drops and painkillers, I could not sleep.

I tried this last night and what a difference it makes! I could finally sleep! I used a microfiber washcloth because I have a large beard, and after a few passes, the process gets very smooth as skin oils build up on the cloth.

ItzDiamondz says:

Every ear infection I've had so far as well as the one I have now has always occurred in the left ear is there a reason for that.
Edit* How can I tell if its a middle or outer infection

Azhia Smh says:

This worked

Sprinkle The wolf says:

I have it too!

Holden Clarke says:

My name is holden and I have ear pain too wow

Aqsa Aqeel says:

Hi sir is it applicable on 6 month old baby ??

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