Flax Seeds and Testosterone: Do Not Eat These Seeds…

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Flax Seeds and Testosterone:

Flax seeds have become strangely popular in the mainstream lately, mostly due to their omega-3 content.

However, literally everyone overlooks hormonal health, in general, and therefore has missed the boat on the negative impact a specific compound in flaxseeds has on human endocrine balance.

This compound has an extremely powerful ability to lower human testosterone levels, and flax seeds contain them in an 800-fold amount over most other foods.

Keep watching to find out what this compound is…

Flaxseeds are incredibly dense in a compound known as lignans.

They contain roughly 800x the amount of lignans as most other foods.

Why is this a problem?

Well, most people don’t realize this, but lignans are highly estrogenic. They’ve been shown to lower both free and total testosterone levels, as well as suppress the 5 alpha reductase enzyme activity.

They increase production of SHBG, which is the protein that binds free testosterone, rendering it inactive.

The studies done on flaxseeds make the overwhelming conclusion that flaxseeds and hormonal health are not exactly a match made in heaven. In fact, unless you’re a woman with excessive body hair growth, you’re going to want to stay far away from these pesky little estrogen-bombs.

Flaxseeds have historically been used by medical researchers specifically to lower excess testosterone levels in women with a condition known as hirsutism, which is characterized by excessive facial hair growth.

For example, this study demonstrated that daily consumption of flax seeds for 4 months annihilated total testosterone levels by 70% and free testosterone levels by 89%.


In a similar study done on men, the subjects exhibited a not-as-extreme but still significant drop in total testosterone of 15% and free testosterone by 20%.


Unless you’re specifically looking to biologically castrate yourself, flax seeds should probably not be a staple food.

Once again, mainstream nutrition advice has failed to properly inspect the important, and potentially damaging effects a food can have on the human endocrine system before touting it as a “superfood” and if anything, this just highlights our need to remain vigilant before trusting surface-level advice from mass media outlets or traditionally-educated nutritionists who all learn from the same sources.

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crowjr2 says:

lol "only looking at one element of something and not critical thinking" CLICK

dude, you're only looking at hormonal effects (which undoubtedly flaxseed does affect), without even considering any potential benefits. in fact you made that comment WHILE the study showing positive effects on prostate cancer, and only cherry picking out the testosterone effect.

Come on.

nebaicita says:

Its quinoa seed that has testosterone…..not flex…pls make real search ….this guy talk true

A Raq says:

Where do I start.. People, this is a classic example of cherry picking. This guy do clearly not even read or do not understand this articles. The first one is a CASE study that is very poorly constructed, and you want to talk about men’s health? The study is a woman, and note that PCOS can increase testosterone levels, and if she was going to have her period she would probably even have higher levels. The intervention normalised her testosterone levels. This will boost the argument for eating flax seeds!

The other article for you “proof” did not have any control group, they changed the diet (not stated in abstract, prehaps you read the full article and can share if they told what the “low fat” diet was) This as well as the first favors flax seed intervention “Further study is needed to determine the benefit of this dietary regimen as either a complementary or preventive therapy”
And again did you even know the normal values for testosterone in healthy men? You see the number they got after the intervention? Yeah that is normal healthy values. More is not always better : “CONCLUSION:
Although low serum TT level has been reported to indicate worse outcome in patients with prostate cancer, this study showed that both low as well as high serum TT levels indicate poor prognosis.”(1)

(1) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28982870

Justin Mellor says:

For anyone who watched this. Both of the studies cited here are not necessarily something i would invest much trust into. The first study is only a one person srudy and it was a women, so testosterone impact is so ancedotal in this case. The second had sub 50 participants and the impact seemed pretty negligible considering the +/- of free testosterone. Also tbjs was nkt a double blind study. This is just a guy looking to make content and really reaching for some science to affirm the video. With that being said I'm not saying it might potentially have an impact but the science is not overwhelming.

Zarar Ahmad says:

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Shalu Raja says:

Video is misleading

Jyoeru Zaberu says:

When I want medical advice, I consult a 27-year-old, pretty attractive and otherwise normal, male vlogger. Thanks Dr. Walker. Your advice is king!

Anthony Williams says:

So there better for women

Stefan Gerhard says:

So funny that actually in that video the doctor says flax seeds would be beneficial to increase testosterone 😀 – wtf… just eat everything healthy in moderation and be good 😛 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdlZw7XcKRc

Nikhil Ghadigaonkar says:

I m 27 yr old I eat 1 spoon it is good for me or not.

Deidra Scott says:

Does it increase menstrual cramps then?

Sreeja Nair says:

Hi,can we apply flax seeds gel on hair is their any problem

KhaN ShuaiBKS says:

That's why you are bald

zMurda says:

They're good for cancer patients. High in phytoestrogens though.

Abdul Qayyum Khan says:

Thanks God and May God reward you for saving me I was just going to start eating it.

Jake The Snake says:

All they do is push gender changing food. Pregnant woman eat food like soy ect. and males are born with high estrogen.

jerry jah says:

haha no wonder I cant get it up anymore = limp noodle

Ally Wilke says:

Going to eat the shish out of flax seeds😃

ranveer rawat says:

Hey buddy who are you are you a researcher, scientist or docter. Flaxseed is consume in Arurveda 1000 years back.

Alex Kinetics says:

Dude… The guys were also fat restricted… They consumed less then 20% of the calories from fat which is probably why they got the reduction in testosterone…

mrblob20 says:

Wow thanks for the garbage info. I wish people wouldn't make stupid videos like this. The study you showed was for 30G per day, and the men were put on a calorie deficit diet. a) not many people eat more than 1 table spoon of flax a day (30g is like 5 tablespoons). b) the person(s) were in calorie deficit which could also explain the drop in testosterone.

rash b says:

Thank you for this. Had added them in my smoothies and in oatmeal for months daily. I started feeling indifferent sexually within those months and thought maybe it was just a funk. Then I ran out and decided I would see if the flaxseeds were the culprit since they were the most recent addition. Sex drive came back once I eliminated them completely.

Sandeep Paniken says:

Excellent video sir

Sajjad Haider says:

Yeah right Flaxseed are bad and all the junkie monkey food is good 🙂

karl khella says:

In India people are using flex seeds from thousands of years and very healthy particularly Punjab region. Ladies donot have any hair growth on body. But they use only in winter months November to February. They give lot flex seeds to bulls or other animals. Our ancestors used to survive more than 90 years.

Sumit Ahuja says:

i really think he just wants "Attention" by making statements like these..

Think 4 Yourself says:

I won't be buying anymore. Thanks for the knowledge.

San Pedro says:

My grandpa is 92 years old and he can still do a handstand. he also always runs up the stairs skipping every second step like kids do, so…
We've been eating this stuff all the time… still healthy AF!!!
There must be something wrong with your theories… My grandparents also grow their own food in our huge garden.
Processed foods from the stores lead to unnecessary diseases.

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