Meet The Girl Who Is Allergic To Water

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In this episode I looked at the rare girl that is allergic to water contact.

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Tay May says:

She's gorgeous damn😍😍

Il Selvaggio says:

Damn that’s rough

Nahal Love says:

God bless her😢😢😥💖💖

Leon Chiu says:

What about water inside her body touching her skin?

Marcus Ortega says:

So sad 😔

supreme cece says:

I thought he was gonna say “when water touches the skin she turns into a mermaid”😂💀 I watched h2O and mako mermaids for 2 months straight y’all💀

Kieran King says:

I didn't write that comment after watching the whole video

Kieran King says:

This is a lie because the human body is 80% water

Anna Tengstrand says:

I know someone she is allergic to every fing it is just a baby but I don't know if she is dead

Your future ophthalmologist says:

i'm allergic to dust, and eggs extremely even if i touch..

Denial Sherchan says:

I think she shower with dirty water

ShiFTy says:

I wonder what will happen if water meets her eyes or is that internal and not external


She can’t even go
Swimming 🥀

Shadow Ladie714 says:

There’s only one problem with this…you’re 70% water and you cannot love without drinking water so it’s impossible.

23 savage says:

70 pecint of your both is water

Aiden Xiong says:

But 60% of your and her body is water😒

Bim Gyrl says:

75% of your body is water

Cooper Schwanz says:

I feel really bad

Ryan says:

How can you be allergic to water if a big percentage of your body is made of water?

Chidinma Nduaka says:

She's a strong girl

nathan corona says:

how does she 🚿

kay fox says:

can she take showers

Team Skull Grunt Violet says:

I'm allergic to milk and egg and most teachers at my school don't know or care… I thought I had it bad! I hope she's okay.

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