Testing the Original, Organic Calla Pillow

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Testing the Original, Organic Calla Pillow

Over this past week, my boys had the opportunity to test out the Original Calla Toddler Pillow. This Toddler sized, organic pillow, filled a few needs for my boys. As we road trip, and travel a lot to bring you as much information and entertainment that we can, we spend a lot of time in the car, Hotels, and Grannies House. Travel without pillows in the car is a big “no”, as they just wont sleep. Likewise, staying at hotels…. Lets just say, some of the pillows I’ve seen at hotels, even higher end hotels, I couldn’t stomach putting my own head on, let alone my children heads.

Enter the Calla Pillow! The organic cotton casing, and Hypo-allergenic washable filling, mean this is a Vinny friendly, travel and home pillow. I was impressed by it’s quality, as well as durability. We’ve only had the pillows for about one week as of this video, and already, we have traveled about 2,000 miles with them, stayed at a Motel, visited grannies house, and had “nap time” and “Movie Time” with them. As such, they have been washed already roughly 4 times….. Such is the norm with two small Children.
Add this to the list of Kman, errr… Trunk Midget approved products! I will be purchasing more. One for myself, and, heck, two for myself 😉


About the Product
100% US Organic Cotton Sateen Weave Casing / Special Hypo-allergenic Cluster Poly Fiber Filling / No Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, or Flame Retardant Chemicals Used
Made in USA
Made in the USA. We’re a parent-founded and operated business and create the best solutions for parents and our children. We source our cotton from certified organic farms. Our local staff carefully crafts each pillow to exact specifications so you can proudly know you are buying pillow that is “Made in the USA” – start to finish
Don’t settle for anything less than the Calla Fill. It’s the world’s best, Hypo-allergenic washable, down alternative filling. Hopefully your toddler doesn’t suffer from allergies. If they do, this pillow is safe for them. doesn’t cause or contribute to allergies. The casing is soft and resists allergens and mildew. The special blend of poly fiber filling is also hypoallergenic
Certified Organic Cotton Sateen Cover (many boutiques carry similar pillows that aren’t washable. Unlike a traditional 200 thread count cotton shell pillow, your little one will sleep with a US Grown, Certified Organic sateen woven shell that is soft on their skin and quiet to the touch (even without a pillowcase!)
Safe for sleep. This pillow measures 13″ x 18″ x 3.5″ and isn’t too soft (or too firm). It’s the same pillow we crafted for our 2 year old daughter and even when her head ends up at the wrong end of the bed, she always reaches for her Calla Pillow. Because it is smaller than a regular sized pillow, you can travel with it and it fits perfectly in a car seat or when traveling on an airplane.
We engineer and craft the world’s best washable pillow. That’s why we stand behind our 3 year guarantee. It won’t lose it’s bounce and will hold up to many years of washing. The casing, the filling and the stitching are the highest quality and designed for parents who value durability.


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John P. Weiksnar says:

What an inspiring review—the easy travel aspect makes them all the better.

(Wow, and I didn't even take the obvious chance to refer to the Planes, Trains and Automobiles scene. . . .)


#uhoh #ohno

Grant Rodgers says:

Also isn't cotton pretty flammable?

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