home remedies for skin rashes,allergies and itchy skin..kannada Sanjeevani

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home remedies for reduce skin rashes and how to control skin itches very quickly in natural way.best home remedies for skin allergies..

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SOURCE- Dr.Panditha Elchuri
Dr.Pradeep Vanapalli
Dr.Murali Manohar

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Basavaraj sn says:

Kannina sutta black agide en madbeku heltira

Basavaraj sn says:

Nanage taddu agide please tips kodtira

Wilczynska Aaa says:

very interesting but can one have it in english ?thanks

raghu ks says:

hello medem nanige skin alergy ide ..nanige 2 tingalu papu ide naninda a papu ge skin alergy agutta…

Rangaswamy T says:

madam again n again soap change madodrinda skin alargy agutta???

Suman Chalwadi says:

Anti aging skin ayti mem nandu
Nanu kai , kalu skin sari ella adak. Plz mem mani madhu heli

Suman Chalwadi says:

Mem anti aging skingi yenadru mani madhu. Heli plz

Ravikiran Ravikiran says:

nange 2 varsha dindha alargi ede tablet stop madudre mathe alargi baruthe solution

Anand madalagere says:

thanks madam tips for using

ningappa talavageri says:

hi medium nanage full bodyelli races barute tinde erute please treatment yalli race


I have rashes in stomach and back show night time only night time only the time now it is not coming in day time please help me out I hope that Kannada Sanjevani will give me the correct option please send me the replay please I am waiting for you if I want to take the doctor suggestion please tell in the reply I hope you will give the correct solution I am expecting from you Kannada Sanjevani

krithi arthi says:

Could u plz translate in english

Dhanu ben says:

makaligu madboda e remedies… nan baby gey one month inda edhe hospital nalli torisidru kammi agtha pls help madi

ragini c says:

kannu thurike ge remedy thilsi please…

badboy muni says:

medam nanu mallige hovu bidisalu daily hoguthene body alrgy agi body gulli agide yen madubeku medam

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