How Natural Remedies Helped Fight Off My Allergies

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Claudia has suffered from severe allergies all her life and in this video, she tells her story. Claudia’s allergies and allergic eczema were so bad that they were affecting her mental and physical health. She used steroid cream for her allergic eczema but it wasn’t a long term solution. Eventually, the dermatologist did an allergy patch test on Claudia’s back (which was REALLY itchy) and she finally found out what she was allergic to. Some of her allergies were a surprise. She found out she was allergic to cinnamon, something that she used almost every day! After these results, Claudia turned to natural and alternative remedies to help get rid of allergy symptoms. Now, she barely suffers from allergies and a lot of her natural remedy videos come from her own experiences of what works to fight off her allergies!


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