Cause of Allergies & How to Heal Allergies Naturally

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In this episode of Healthytarian Living on ( host Evita Ochel ( speaks with special guest David Kennet (

David is a Registered Holistic Allergist, as well as a Holistic Nutritionist, Orthomolecular Health Practitioner, Biofeedback Technician, and Reiki Master. He also has training in Healing Body Massage and Sound Therapy.

Specific topics covered in the video include:

1. An explanation of what allergies are, and what connection they have to our immune system. (2:15)

2. Possible causes and links to increased and large amounts of allergies in the population today.
– how EMF technology is linked to allergies
– environmental connections
– how stress and emotions are linked to allergies
– how GMO foods are linked to allergies

3. The role of diet in connection to allergies. (6:15)
– the Candida connection
– the sugar connection

4. When do allergies surface: being born with allergies versus getting them at some point in life. (8:50)
– baby allergies and the connection to miasms
– why allergies show up later in life
– chemical and emotional toxic connections
– the mind-body connection to allergies

5. How allergies can be detected or tested in a holistic manner. (13:20)
– the role of kinetic muscle testing
– the role of body polarity

6. Possible treatment of allergies. (17:20)
– the role and effects of pharmaceuticals
– BIE holistic treatment

7. Based on David’s mission: “to educate and empower his clients to remember their natural, innate ability to heal themselves” he shares about his holistic healing method to treat allergies. (18:56)
– the role of frequency and vibration in holistic healing
– the role of light and sound in holistic healing
– how the body can be taught to be re-balanced

8. The mind-body connection and patterns of mind, emotions or behaviours that make some of us more prone to allergies. (23:50)
– the role of emotions in allergy manifestation and treatment
– the root cause of allergies for those “allergic to everything”
– role of repression and suppression in allergy manifestation and healing

9. Tips and advice to prevent allergies and/or deal with healing our allergies. (30:16)


Kita Inc. says:

love it!
thank you so much!
I suffer from allergies and need help..where is. David located?

Gemma Fulbrook says:

Ok so my daughter who isn't yet 2 years old. She is allergic to dairy, soya, egg, banana, coconut, sweetcorn, apples, blueberries, chickpeas, cous cous… I may have missed something..
We found out when she was 1 month old.
We went for muscle testing when she was 5months. He did it through me but I'm a ballroom dancer and my arms naturally lock in place when I lift them up so I struggled with that. He told me a lot of inaccurate information.

Any suggestions would be really helpful.. She's currently reaction to an accidental mix up with coconut oil today 🙁

iDalisMediaTV says:

Google hangouts?

iDalisMediaTV says:

What software did you use for the split screen interview? 

Healthytarian says:

Wonderful to hear Cassie!

Picass says:

Thank you. Very powerful technique!

Healthytarian says:

It is impossible to provide a proper professional answer to that question within the limits of a youtube comment. So the best answer I can give is to find a local, natural health practitioner, like a naturopath, and explore natural options of dealing with and healing high blood pressure. Pharmaceuticals are often not needed when one addresses their diet and lifestyle habits properly.

Healthytarian says:

Great tip, thank you for sharing!

nocturnalserpent says:

What do you recommend for someone who has high blood pressure but takes pharmecuticals?

ONE3ARTH2012 says:

stinging nettles works great for hayfever in summertime, one of the best 😀

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