Get To Know Your Neighbours – Do You Have Any Allergies?

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Do you have any allergies? Hear what the Neighbours cast are allergic to…

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Leonie ladner says:

chocolate cheese and citrus foods

Caoimhe {Quee-va} says:

Neighbours can u PLS write piano notes for the theme song

David G says:

Your videos are so well made. Really enjoyable.

hi hi says:

Could you please include Felix in the 'get to know your neighbours'. Thank you

Marie says:

dear neighbours official, :)) now i viewing the stuff with pleasure :))

Leaney McDonald says:

"Yeah traffic"

HayleyHearts〈3 says:

I'm allergic to garlic! Dairy, soya and can't tolerate egg very well either.

Lovelight Deannety ,Wabs & Shant says:

Not allergic to anything

Heather Good says:

I'm allergic to penicillin too

lopeli king says:

I'm asthmatic too, and my friends is allergic to penicillin

Lovelight Deannety ,Wabs & Shant says:

Has Amy lost her voice?

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