I Am Allergic To Everything

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A rare disorder has made a young woman allergic to everything – including her own tears, growing hair and even exercise. Natasha Coates, from Nottingham, has an immunological disorder called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), which causes severe allergic-like symptoms due to the mast cells over-responding to a trigger such as food or weather. Natasha has allergic reactions to her own tears, growing her hair, changes in the weather, many foods and the process of digestion. Her hair can cause her scalp to blister and certain foods could kill her, but despite all this Natasha has become an elite disability gymnast.

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savage wolf says:

If your allergic to every thing so you cant eat,drink,play,dog,cats,carpets,hair,air,clothes, it say that your allergic to every thing but some stuff you touch it really does not make sense to me but any i hope you good because god is always with you

TGK VestedLyric says:

Did anyone think this was Doke for a second

jennifer wilson says:

Don't take No for answer.  I use very small amount of fruits  that I'm allergic to each day then increase larger amount until my body over cometh it, then I will move on to the next allergy war/task,  [One by One} .  Eventually my body build up a strong immune system so all these allergic reaction will just be in my past.  Then look back and tell myself that I can do almost anything if I set my mind on it.  Not good for anyone going through life with all these allergies until we fight it and go to war with it until we win.  Good luck to you.

Keri Tchkubuta says:

All I gotta say is….Still Have Faith Always Believe In God And God shall bless you.. Amen

Noella Tuzolana says:

God bless that mother <3 and her <3

donna moore says:

Your amazing and pretty and sweet just the way you and your speshal

Howdy Hoo says:

She’s allergic to life QUICK PUT ER DOWN

Daniella Vega says:

Your beautiful just the way you are no one should judge you for how you look because this girl is beautiful and I feel bad with her.

Kayla Michelle says:

I feel like this is somewhat being over dramatic??

BizBoy says:

Her dog is so cute

French Wizard says:

This is really heartbreaking

Heavenskittten xo says:

omg I just want all of these people to go to the SCOAN 🙀😿💔

Dude perfect 2 says:

If she is allergic to everything then why is she playing with aa dog? (not beingr ude)

Abigail Stack says:

She rocks no hair

Ryan Hop says:

This girl should never give up. She is a young beautiful young woman. I hope she will live a long nice and amazing life. <3

Oskarr. says:

Allergic to air Sun Earth Her life clothes Well you are not allergic to everything.


It’s scary it really is one day u can be fine then you can just be dead or feel that way it’s really sad

Samuel Jenks says:

why didn't she just stay in the hospital if shes allergic to everything?

Johanna Nassikas says:

Im alergick to frut strawberries and tomatos

It's Mercyplayz says:

I have something to say I used to live in a black mold poisioning house and we got rly sick and my mum is allergic to everything I’m not saying that’s wat this is but I’m just saying u should check that out;)

Joyce Roberts says:

I think she definetly rocks the bald girl look 🙂

kimberley fox says:

I don't get why people hit the dislike buttons on these types of videos

I liek turltess says:

When she.s allergic to everything why is she not allergic to oxygen

Mia Thomas says:

I am anaphylactic to basically everything that kids at school eat. I can't leave the house for school without having a Zyrtec tablet every morning! And I thought this was tough!!

Seal Queen says:

She is so cool!!

Ness Seavey says:

I like her vogmask

Derpy WolfAJ says:

Are you allergic to air

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