The Inside Story: Girl has rare allergy to cold

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A 10-year-old girl shares her struggle with an extremely rare and deadly allergy to the cold

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breanna cancella says:

This is super relatable because I had a cold allergy and it was so far for me to tell people

Mariana Paez says:

Move to California in winter it's like rarely 40 degrees outside

Katie Cat says:

I'm the same eat ice cream go to the pool or go out side

Katie Cat says:

T hats why we moved to Florida

Amiya Murphy says:

I HAVE THAT TOO. i was diagnosed when i was 8 and im 12 now. I HATE it because i love the snow and playing in it with my sisters. for me it's called chronic ideopathic urticarea.

Teisha Jaggers says:

I feel so bad i wish i could help

Artist Life 727 says:

My friend has a cold allergy as well. He gets hives in the winter.

Haley Fults says:


Alexander Hamilton says:

I have a friend who has a condition like this but to the heat. No he doesn't just get sunburns. It's an actual allergy. He gets hives and it's deadly.

Isabella Seynhaeve says:


Carolina Narwhal says:

Why can’t you just move to Florida

Eliza Johnson says:

Cold isn’t even a thing. Cold is just the name given to something with a lack of heat energy

HeyitsDiaaa says:

I have this too,you are born with it and it sucks ,your body starts Iching and it hurts

That one Guy says:

All you people look past the point that “cold” isn’t a thing. It’s the departure of warm air. She’s not allergic to the cold, she’s allergic to getting cold.

Scotia MacDonald says:

My brother has the same allergy

Goldfish Master says:

Maybe she could homeschool her

ElykaPlays says:

The opposite of the demogorgon

Sheila Sibick says:

Then honestly not to be mean but just move to Texas,California, or just live in the dessert. See there is a little way to get passed it.

Layla Wood says:

Same!!! Exactly the same

sophie hare says:

I get hives in the first weeks of summer, it gets all over my hands and ears and it's painful. I'm not saying I'm allergic to heat or anything, it happens to a lot of people.

Jessie Perkins says:

That's so sad 🙁 Move that girl to a Tropical climate!


Come to africa

sad lad says:

They should move to Arizona or something

Ramakrishnan Anandapandian says:

விக்னேஷ் கிட்ட பேசுரிய ? மண்டை பாத்திரம்

Jennna C says:

I’m allergic to the cold!! I get hives and my hands and feet swell, it’s sm pain

supernova girl says:

How does she drink water? Would it have to be warm?

Chloe_ legend says:

Go to philippines

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