These allergies are killing me!

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I nearly fainted behind the wheel. Lord let this season just hurry up and leave! I got Vlogs to make brah!!!!

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Jay Harris says:

I feel on those Texas allergies bro, i got nose bleeds my first month at Ft Bliss

Becky AKA Cindy Brady says:

Ughhhh Cedar Trees…… 🌳🌳

jaydengt5 says:

You deserve wayyyyy more subs, also you song are fffin awesome.

Zhanshi Mushi says:

You in SATX for good bruh?

mattman1h9 H says:

thid vlog was awesome

mattman1h9 H says:

0 dislikes yes

Dawn Baca says:

I have unbelievable allergies and can relate.. I think that fat dude just wanted to check you out ☺ he wants to be handsome like you 😉

coldconfession13 says:

I like city base .

Chris Whitlatch says:

So clariton makes you crazy. Affleck is not the best. And was that a p250?

QuirkyBookChick says:

I love how you’re using your music in the vlog 🙂

TheHeidiinthegarden says:

White mustash!!! Sorry LMAO!!!

Daniel Pascual Vlogs says:

Tampons in ur nose. Wtf😂😂😂😂

plaindarkness12 says:

Butt plugs 🤣🤣🤣 "now! Preorder analnose plugs! They collect the fluid and you feel fresh! These babies will make you have a cigarette after your done with them!"

Derek J. says:

Spicy, spicy fkn' food will help that congestion hah

Deanna Brophy says:

Poor Drew..feel better

Christopher Meyerson says:

Damn Drew man Feel better Dude get some Steam for that sinus crap … you want custom work pain and camo Check or Montactical that guy is sick with the Duracoat for Guns and holsters check it his work is off the charts

Lethan Poe says:

The song you used in the video is my favorite song by you

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