Stop Recurring Dog Ear Infections

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Dr Jones shows you 5 steps to finally treating your dog’s recurring ear infections with effective Home Remedies. Dr Jones shows you a new Natural treatment for dog ear infections.

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tree trimmer says:

I just love Perl.

sunita patel says:

Thank you dr Andrew!! So helpful and saved me a trip to the vet.

planetjazzy says:

Thank you so much for your videos.. (ty Pearl… Lol) caring for a Pug rescue.. Little over a year.. Now.. Hes 9..lived life as stud dog in crate.. I got him.. Nail curled into feet.. More than 3 lbs underweight.. No back muscles & couldn't climb stairs.. Hes now almost back to health.. Except ears.. They flair.. He starts shaking head.. Was using Coco nut oil.. Or grape seed oil.. Going to start your ACV & green tea.. Ty again.. & I am so sorry to hear about Lewis.. I understand the loss.. Agree good diet it key.. I use no grain food.. My two other dogs (pekingese) & pug thriving.. They are both 18 years old.. Hope everyone hearing will give that a try too

Jenny 245 says:

Sorry about Lewis 🙁

Jenny 245 says:

Thanks for the video Pearl is so sweet I have a 12 year old yellow lab seems we r always fighting ear infection going to try your ideas…

Shelia Paige says:

Thank u so much I have a Pomeranian the black with the white on the chest she will not let me touch her like that to put anything in her ear but I let her Groom clean her ears ever 3month she have some stuff I got 4 itching an 4earclean from Amazon Prime I buy her coust 30buck it seem to be help so thank u so very much An I get her groom ever 3month an she get abath cuz she a in side 🐕🐕🐕🐕 dog I don't let her out side take good care of her so she Spoil lots people say I don't care she my baby so I try do good 4her always cuz she can't tell but she smart an she train I been he'd her since 207she like 10now but still have spunk in her always love it Shelia🤗🤗🤗🤗🐩🐩🐩🐩🐕🐶🐕🐶🐕🐩🐩🐕🐶🐕🐩

latinhorse75 says:

Cant find the link for the Curcuminoids

Marian Mangual says:

Great video

Mich Finn says:

Hey Doc recently Hemp without the THC effect CBD oil is coming on the marks across the U.S. what think about animals trying it for pain or other symptoms great video my Golden retriever is prone to getting this ear infections 300$. The wife takes him to bay in the summer maybe this will help thanks ? Oh and he recovered well after the ACL surgery work done but we are keeping an eye the other side so far good weight 85 pounds.

Mazy's T.V. says:

See salt and warm water works perfect on my dog, just use cotton balls and make sure to do it outdoors .

J P says:

Is the green tea/apple cider vinegar solution safe for cats?

ChildOfTheKing7771 says:

I hope this isn't a dumb question but should I be putting that cream in his ears everyday?

kay kay says:

Nine months ago I followed your instructions on treating my sib. husky's ear infection. She's had this recurring infection for the past 3 years. Thank you for sharing this procedure. She has been infection free since then.

Young Han says:

Your video was very helpful and a life saver for my westie who deals with frequent ear infection. Visits to the vet has not helped over the years but I am following your instruction to finally compare and help relieve Biscuit’s ear infection. Many thanks!!!

Jessica Ş says:

I know this is a older video but I was wondering how often and how long do i use the clotrimazole cream in my dogs ear?

HalUcci says:

What can I do with a dog that doesn't like us messing with his ears and is very hard to control to let us do these treatments?

helpfulnatural says:

Thank you so much for this! We adopted a 100lb. yellow lab/golden retriever mix 10 months ago. It was stated at the shelter that he was 4.5 yrs old but we think he's probably a few years older. He has very itchy, dry skin and recently his left ear developed a yeast infection. I had no idea that the active ingredient in the Rx cream was the same as an otc remedy. Here in the States, Monostat has a different active ingredient instead of clotrimazole however, I was able to find it in athlete's foot cream. I began using the cream yesterday and already my dog seems to have relief. He immediately stopped shaking his head and scratching his ear with his hind foot, which just added to the inflammation. I'm also going to try your green tea ear cleaner along with the cream and I'm very hopeful this will cure the problem.

A Force of Freedom says:

He won't eat duck and potato. Ain't happening.

A Force of Freedom says:

I've got a 90 pound pit bull and he doesn't like getting his ears treated. I've got apple cider in my eyes and the cream is all over his forehead. I went through the whole tube in one day in just trying to get it in the right place.

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