I-tec Ventilation

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The I-tec Ventilation System from Internorm Windows
Directly integrated ventilation means that you save energy and have a better level of air flow. I-tec ventilation ensures that your rooms are automatically aired and energy efficient.

Better quality air means a better quality of life. You will get a great nights sleep, be able to concentrate better and fend off allergies with the inbuilt pollen filer. Breathe easier with the I-tec ventilation system.

Save Energy
Passivhaus standard designs are built with energy efficiency in mind and the I-tec ventilator is no different. Equipped with a high efficiency heat exchanger, your energy losses are reduced to a minimum reducing your reliance on conventional, expensive heating solutions.

The I-tec ventilator system is fully integrated into the KF 500, KF 410 and KV 440 window systems. You will barely even notice it is there thanks to the seamless design integration. Unlike other ventilation systems there is no alteration to existing architecture and the installation is carried out at the same time as the window itself.

With a permanent supply of cleaner air you will experience new levels of comfort within your home. The I-tec ventilation system can also reduce damp and used air, bad smells and toxins automatically and exchange them for fresh air. Easily controlled using the SmartWindow application.

The I-tec ventilation system gives your home fresh, clean air without even having to open the windows. This technological leap means that your home is safer than ever before.


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