Why Echidnas Are Evolutionary Misfits

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It’s pretty well known that Australia is home to some strange animals, but echidnas are especially weird evolutionary misfits.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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SciShow says:

Go to Squarespace.com/SciShow for a free trial and use the offer code SCISHOW to support this channel and save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain.

GingerBean says:


Tom Sparey says:

Why wasn’t Jesus born in Australia

BeAsA Roze says:

Snuggle a puggle today.

Paesan Ng says:

Why? Slaps head Here's why.

Glenn B says:

Can't believe you didnt show a picture of a baby echidna, puggle. They are so cute!

Benadryl Thundercrotch says:

Echidnas are proof that either aliens exist or God does drugs

Science Troll says:

Imagine this; an Echidna and a Platypus meeting nose to nose at the water's edge, and both thinking " This weird thing is my only relative "? .

TroxyGamer says:

Yeah, I always knew Knuckles was pretty much a misfit.

Jscthegamer says:

Life… finds a way

Dilon Petzke says:

Sperm Cannon

Lavapop says:

Echidnas don't have nipples, good to know.

Wite Rabid says:

sorry, I ruined the perfect 11,111 like rating… (/_)

Steven Utter says:

What an odd coincidence, your outfit is reminiscent of the so called "evolutionary grab-bag" that the monotremes pulled their various adaptations from.

LulitaInPita says:

I recommend also watching zefrank1's video about the echidnas because it's hilarious af!

Rob Wisdom says:

You say this mammal doesn't have a stomach? I say it's not a mammal.

"Can heat themselves" I'm curious as to why you said this, since nothing with mass is capable of not heating itself.. And more literally even reptiles digest food and they use cold blood to tell the temperature, if it's cold they leave.

It is essentially as if the pit viper can see a heatmap of location in time. They know where it's hot and where it's cold.. I assume you avoided calling them warm blooded? If they aren't and they also lay eggs then they are probably more closely related to chickens than mammals..

Nathan Bongertman says:

Wonder why it was named after the mother of monster? Doesn't look anything like a snake woman… xD

Arjun Dev says:

I think low temperature hibernation has something to do with stopping aging 🙄🤔😕😒

Daniel Stoner says:

Sperm cannon: bwaaahahahaha.

Ape X says:

Bruh, if she want somebody else in there after you, you obviously failed her!

r3wturb0x says:

evolution is not real

Umberto Fournier says:

interesting animals

Michael Adams says:

Inspired by Rob Dyke's "Chicken Permission" meme thread, let us therefore behold the sensory delight of "Puggle Permission"…

not you says:

We're at Pumpkin Hill. You ready?

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