Root Cause of Autoimmune Diseases: Emotional Trauma

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Janet Raftis, Energy Healer and Intuitive Development Teacher & Elicia Miller, Core Emotional Healing and Candida Expert discuss the emotional cause of autoimmune diseases such as, MS, Diabetes, Hashimoto’s / Hypo-thyroidism, Celiac, Asthma, Allergies, Arthritis, Lupus, Candida, Lyme and more.

Your symptoms are a gift!

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***Elicia & Janet’s work complements your physical treatments and is not a replacement. While your emotional issues will be resolved, improving your life in many ways, only in some cases will physical illness be resolved. In any case, you will get insight into the message from the body and what it means for you.


Rangi Jackson says:


P滕 says:

Coming acrossed your guys video has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I recently have noticed symptoms of raynauds in my hands in feet, and something kept on telling me that this is just not right, not just physically but spiritually. I suffer with emotional numbness and think that there could be some connection with some of my unprocessed emotions and this ailment. Thanks for the video!

thearough says:

Fact is we live in a love yourself world, be by yourself world, in humane world, an inability to love, I don't need you, u shouldnt need anyone lest u have low esteem, NO love world , and a not allowed to love world.WE hold people women children in a low esteem and kick eachother around. Fact is you better stay numb and suppressed to survive the world. Those that arent suppressing our collective truth are depressed, suicidal or schizophrenic. This" its a choice" "yes you can" gaslighting contradictory psychotherapy advice is crazy making the client while the "gurus" get rich. The only answer and cure is loving each other collectively. Loving yourself in a vacuum is narcissm. We wonder why everyones soul is being snatched and everyone is a pshycopath. Self love in a vacuum is hopeless and helpnesnesss it self. The powers that be know that, cause you have no power to make the world a happy place by yourself. They started the fake self esteem movement. They make billions off the lack filled reality we and they created by selling "CAN" and abundance. Abundance only can and needs to be sold in a lack filled reality where it doesnt exist. Abundace is in the fabric of the universe where God and nature arent destroyed but we have taken god and nature out so there is no abundance. Its not that youre attracting evil its all thats beginning to exist. True self esteem and self love is a biproduct of external factors not a precursor to environment changing, like it or not The only answer is one love. We are not sole reptilian creatures we are communal social beings. Find out what communal means. Therapy was invented to keep the subject on the ferris wheel to no where to revist the same plastic scenes of reality.

Noelle Bonneannée says:

great information! I have asthma and sinusitis, both of which I believe are autoimmune diseases. Love this video!

Noe says:

Try reading works by Arthur Janov.

Shawna Fletcher says:

I've tried talking about my "Emotional Self issues" from when I was 3 months old when I was in Foster care. I went through Severe Neglect. At one point. And spending my 1st year of life in the Hospital. I had Open heart surgery to repair Both an Aneurysm and a hole inside the Left ventricular Artery of my heart. The Visits did stop. With my Natural mom and I was 2 years old when I was adopted. In my mind I went home with my real mom. Growing up I knew I was adopted. And a few years ago ( Dec 2013 ) I Found my Natural Mom on FB WE are trying to get to know each other. But it's a Very Slow Process. I Don't know if you can completely Heal from very Deep Emotional Trauma like the form I have. Sometimes I become like ( Incoherent and Catatonic ) I take Medication for Severe Anxiety and Severe Social Anxiety and depression and OCD, and sometimes I wonder IF "Therapy" And "medication" AT TIMES Even seem to help much. In August 2016 I Was Diagnosed with the Autoimmune diseases ( Systemic Lupus , Erythematosus ) ( SLE) for short.

reagan mustard says:

if this is true then how do you explain patients for example who suffer from colitis for years and years and are basically dying and then they get a fecal transplant and their symptoms are cured. Sorry but I don't think its as black and white as you are trying to make it. not everything is emotional/spiritual at the root. It is often physical and we need medical help.

Prerna Palekar says:

I thought I have done enough emotional and spiritual work on myself and then I got detected by Lyme disease. Also I got it when I was frustrated to see that my new born daughter was separated from me within 10 minutes to another hospital for her seemingly complications. I blamed myself to give her that separation trauma. But I was helpless n experienced the same myself. How can I heal it?

Gina Granda says:

I have asthma since 3months of birth, 22 years now
And been getting it more recent that ever, right now. :/
Could that be brought up by emotions? Or food sensitivity? Etc

Maria Gutierrez says:

How can I find out more information regarding this specific subject of repressed emotions in children and autoimmune diseases. Please, any information you can provide is greatly appreciated. Help me learn.

Lady Liberty says:

Thank you for this video Elicia. I’m 22, just got diagnosed and I’m losing tons of hair. I need to practice self love.

Juli Feller says:

Thank you so much for this. This discussion just confirms what mothers who were forced to relinquish children for adoption AND the baby goes through. Horrendous that adoption is still legal in this country.

سيبيل says:

Thank you so much for this. I have Hashimoto and all of you said make so much sense to me. So Do I need to feel (put out) all the anger that i've hiding for so long in order to heal myself?

xeena67 says:

I have had gastroparesis since 2010. I have now lost 2 sisters and my Dad. Now I have thyroid antibodies and hypoglycemia. Is there a connection? I have severe panic attacks and hardly leave my house.

Kath W says:

Do you have retreats in the US? South?

Vloxey says:

This is bullshit, sure emotions play a role but not the root cause. Explain kids born with the disease? Oh yeah im sure its from unresolved trauma or repressed emotions… like really?

Derek Koster says:

Ulcerative colitis?

Donald H West says:

You two are the best…Thank you for all the great insight. I can't go into my whole story but I may be seeking some Healing from this emotional approach. When I have physical symptoms I do Kinesiology to figure out what is wrong and it always comes up stress. I know it is from my upbringing. My relationships are nonexistent. They are usually really bad ones or good ones that I sabotage because I dont feel I am good enough for the other person. Lots of self mental abuse. No wonder my body attacks itself. I am a Christian and all of these things are taught but it would be nice to work through this with somebody….. Thank you again…..

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